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Choosing a Table Style

Victorian scrub top tables were often found in the servant quarters of a large house or a family kitchen. These were utilitarian pieces and served a purpose. Victorian scrubbed top table bases were made normally from pine and the tops were made using pine planks they were often made using lovely wide boards and it would not have been unusual for them to have used slightly different widths.  The tables were made for practical use and not necessarily for the look of the table. They would have used what boards they had available at the time. However they have a fabulous look that we here at UKAA are trying to achieve and replicate with our handmade, bespoke tables.  A typical Victorian table base would have had turned legs and were stained brown to look like mahogany and the tops scrubbed as they were often used not only as a table but also as a work top for the preparation of food.  To clean the table top it would have been scrubbed by hand using a wooden scrubbing brush.  With our UKAA bespoke handmade tables we can leave the boards and not wax them so that you can achieve the same look or we can wax the table top for you. Coasters or place mats will then need to be used to protect the table top if you did not want to leave any ring marks.

Traditional scrub top table made in your bespoke sizes from Victorian reclaimed floorboards give a rustic aged look to any of the tables 
A wax finish does protect the top of the table but it is not like varnish so it will leave marks from cups etc.  Alternatively you can use the table without coasters or place mats and have a more lived in look using it and enjoying the table.  We can also stain and varnish your table for you if you prefer it really is up to you what sort of finish you would prefer and we can achieve most things here.  A tub of wax is given with every table sold so that you can wax and polish when you feel necessary.

Traditional farmhouse style tables made from chunky reclaimed boards can be made in your bespoke sizes and painted in a colour of your choice 
A Victorian kitchen would not have had worktops like our modern kitchens. They had individual pieces of practical furniture and open shelves. In big country houses a vast range would be constantly going cooking and heating water.  The table would certainly have been the centre of the kitchen and that is what we try to replicate in our kitchens for a homely country look.

Today the kitchen is the hub of any home. Children can sit and do homework whilst mom is preparing tea or Dad! Young children can colour and play happily with Mom and Dad not knowing that they are not going to spoil the table they will only add to the character of the piece. 

Today good quality Victorian tables are much sought after and quite rare. Here at UKAA we can make a bespoke table using handpicked reclaimed materials. Our carpenter turns the legs on a lathe out of reclaimed pine. The style of legs is also your choice either turned or straight or tapered legs. You can have a painted base in any colour in either a solid finish or a distressed or heavily distressed look. The distressed look is the most popular finish as this is the most practical.    

Made to measure traditional vintage industrial style tables made from reclaimed pine in a painted distressed finish 
The base of your table can incorporate drawers for modern living and space saving ideas. Our bespoke tables  can have either one or two drawers and the drawers can even be made to accommodate your own cutlery draw. The bases can have extra detailing like a chamfered edge or they can be plain and simple in a shaker style with clean lines.  Our tables are truly bespoke and unique and are handmade from salvaged pieces of timber which adds instant character and history.  The table tops are made from reclaimed salvaged timber ensuring that they give character to the table. We use floorboards and reclaimed pine for the table tops that have knots and nail holes that give a superb look something that new timber would take years and years to achieve.  You will get an instant patina using old reclaimed materials.

bespoke made to measure tables made from reclaimed materials such as Victorian floorboards ass a distressed country kitchen look

The most practical thing about our bespoke made to measure service is that we can make it to your size and specifications.  It truly is a handmade, made to measure product.

We are so lucky now with the choices of colours often matching into the décor of your kitchen units or going for a statement colour like Pink or Yellow.  We can use any make of paint that you specify from Dulux to Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Annie Sloan and many others again making it a unique item.    

Copper top tables bespoke made to your sizes and painted in Farrow and Ball, Dulux or RAL colours 
Fashion often dictates whether we would choose a turned leg, straight or tapered legs. For the purist they may go for a farm house turned leg style, but this is often a personal choice. Many people will go for a mix of both old and new and incorporating a scrubbed top with a modern tapered leg in a fashionable colour.  

Our floorboard top tables are truly versatile, practical and good looking making a house into a home. They are easy to maintain and will last a life time making them a good choice for people with busy lives and family’s. Team them up with our chapel chairs and you have a unique and interesting piece of furniture that will be an investment and a conversation piece. 
Antique reclaimed pine floorboards made into a dining table in your bespoke sizes are made in our British workshops 

Zinc & Copper Top Tables

Zinc and copper tables are very popular they are not only stylish, modern, hygienic and above all practical.

They are made here at UKAA using reclaimed pine for the bases and copper and zinc for the tops. They are all hand made to your specifications. The zinc and copper starts off in sheets and is all hand beaten and soldered by the carpenters here on site. We use solid zinc and copper sheets not zinc plated.  The zinc and copper are very labour intensive however the look is stunning.

Which finish?

We do several finishes in the Zinc & Copper tables.  Natural, Distressed Antique, Antique and a Matt finish.

The Natural finish is polished with a peak paste and gives a very chic, stylish and very modern look. It is clean and sharp to the eye. You would need to protect this finish with coasters and mats as it would mark. Marks that may occur can be polished out using the peak polish. Every table is given a tube of peak polish.

Distressed Antique finish is natural zinc that has been distressed slightly by hand giving a lovely matt finish with distressing it gives a more used look. This is a practical finish giving an accelerated aged look that would then continue to develop over time. Coasters and placemats are recommended with this finish if you do not want to age the table to fast.    

Café hard wearing tables made to any size from natural zinc copper brass and pine in our British Workshops in Staffordshire these can be delivered worldwide 

Antique finish this finish had been distressed here at UKAA this is the most practical of finishes and is distressed by hand.  Every table will vary in finish as it is a natural product and each piece react s differently. Giving it a unique look no two tables are ever the same. This is the most aged and distressed look the more you use this table the better the look. It will mark unless coasters are used but generally speaking this is a table finish that people will not use coasters on as the more the table marks the better it looks. It gives a different look in different lights and will have tones of green blue and brown depending on which way you look at the table.

Mat finish this is a great finish that is both practical and has a great flat finish. It will mark unless coasters are used and give a real industrial warehouse look. This is very popular for people who like a modern but slightly used look.

Zinc is a natural product making it great for food preparation and we can also make worktops using zinc for this very reason making it a better product than using for instance stainless steel.  

All finishes can have nailed detailing around the edges this is purely for looks giving it a more industrial feel.  This is a personal finish and you can have them spaced at intervals of your choice. 

Antiqued finish natural zinc top tables are bespoke made to fit into any period kitchen and are available to view in our showroom

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