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Plant Pot Saucers

Plant pot tray and plant pot saucers are available to buy at UKAA. Genuine solid handmade copper plant pot saucers or flower pot drip trays are perfect for preventing spillage or water damage. Using a brass, zinc or copper plant pot saucer under your plants allows you to easily catch the run of water when watering your plant, preventing it from spilling onto your table, floor, shelf for window ledge. Each metal plant pot saucer is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Copper plant pot saucers are particularly ideal for outdoor use as slugs are repelled by copper because of the reaction between the mucous produced by the slug or snail and the copper. 

Check out our plant pot saucers which are available in a range of standard sizes and made to measure bespoke sizes to suit your individual requirements.

Should plant pots have saucers?
whilst plant pot saucers aren't necessary, plant pots use saucers to collect the water that drains from the pot. Without this, it can easily spill onto your carpets, floors and furniture. So after watering, your saucer will capture the excess water, preventing any spillages.

Traditional Copper Plant Pot Saucers Available to Buy Online at UKAA. Worldwide Delivery

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