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Cast Iron Radiator BTU Calculator

A cast iron radiator BTU calculator is used to measure the amount of heat required for any specific room in your house, in terms of British Thermal Units (BTUs). Our cast iron radiator BTU calculator will work out how much energy and what size radiator you will need, based on the measurements that you provide.

To calculate the total cast iron radiator heat output required for your room (BTU/hour), simply complete the following form:

1. Select units:
2. Enter your room dimensions
Width: (feet)   Length: (feet)   Height: (feet)
3. (Optional) Specify the maximum height of radiator you can accomodate in you room:

Maximum Height: (mm)
4. Select your room type:

5. Additional features:
6. The size of your cast iron radiator (the number of sections required) is based on:



Important Notes About Delta Δ Calcuations


*Delta 60 covers the majority of standard central heating systems.

For the vast majority of our customers using standard central heating systems, we use Delta 60. For systems such as ground source heat pumps, a lower Delta 50 may be required. Please consult your heat source supplier for more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Radiator Heat Output Calculator

UKAA, we are dedicated to finding the right cast iron radiators for you. It is important that you choose the right radiator for your desired room, which is why we’ve made the choice much easier with our simple cast iron radiator BTU calculator.

Each room in your property will require a certain amount of heat to keep that room warm. The radiator heat output required for the room can be expressed in British Thermal Units (BTU) or Watts. All styles of cast iron radiator emit different amounts of heat based on their size and the radiator’s output. If you’re considering buying a radiator, the first thing to do is to calculate the amount of BTU that is required for each room. The best way to do this is use a radiator power calculator.

Our radiator BTU calculator is designed to ensure that your radiators will sufficiently heat the room they are installed in.

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