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UKAA Radiator BTU and Size Calculator

How many BTUs do i need?

To calculate the total heat output required for your room (BTU/hour), please complete the following form:

1. Select units:

2. Enter your room dimensions

Width: (feet)   Length: (feet)   Height: (feet)

3. Select your room type:

4. Additional features:
Is your room north facing?
Does your room have a Patio Door?
Does your room have double glazing?

5. (Optional) Specify the maximum height of radiator you can accomodate in you room:

Maximum Height: (mm)

6. The size of your cast iron radiator (the number of sections required) is based on:






Important Notes about Delta Δ calcuations

* Delta 60 covers the majority of standard central heating systems.

For the vast majority of our customers using standard central heating systems then we use Delta 60. For systems such as ground source heat pumps then a lower delta 50 maybe required – please consult your heat source supplier.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01543 222 923 if you require any help.

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All prices shown include VAT
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