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Terms & Conditions

Our Address

Hill Farm
82 Hayfield Hill
Cannock Wood
WS15 4RU

Product Description

All sizes quoted are approximate - if the size is critical then please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have. We sell reclaimed items that due to their age will have marks on them etc that are commensurate with age.


We accept all types of payment including credit/debit card, Pay Pal or by a Personal Cheque, Postal Order, Bankers Draft or BACS transfer. You can pay online through our website or if you are unsure how to do so please call us.

Returns Policy

Items must be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund – providing the item is in the same condition as it was when sold and in its original packaging. The buyer must pay any transportation/shipping costs. The Company will insure that the refund is processed within 14 days of receipt of the goods. A 25% re-stocking fee is applicable on all goods except faulty or damaged goods.

Privacy Statement

Protecting your privacy is very important to UKAA and therefore any personal information you provide us with will be treated with care and subject to our Privacy Policy, will not be used, disclosed or forwarded, in ways to which you have not consented.


1. Pre-Sales


Where pricing is shown on the web site or in the Company’s literature, Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged at the prevalent UK rate. On second hand goods input tax deduction has not been and will not be claimed by us in respect of the goods sold.

Ownership of Goods

All goods shall remain the property of the Company until paid for in full. No financial offset against the value of goods supplied is permitted for whatever reason without the written agreement of the Company.



Applicable to bespoke furniture

Bespoke furniture is made to your specification and is not refundable if not suitable.

Our bespoke furniture is made using reclaimed timber and materials, each piece is unique and characteristics such as colouring, graining and pattern will vary from piece to piece with no two pieces being exactly the same.

Reclaimed timber will display marks such as grain, shakes, colour variations, cracks and knots. These are natural and are not deemed as faults and will not affect the durability or performance of the bespoke furniture in any way.

Each batch of timber is unique; therefore we cannot guarantee it will correspond with the colour, exact dimensions or quality of samples shown. The reclaimed timber is typically over 100 years old, cut from old beams/ joists / floorboards removed from demolished buildings such as Victorian schools, churches and cotton mills. Sometimes the use of high grade wood fillers is necessary.

If the item arrives damaged or we have made a mistake with your order we will repair as soon as possible.

On delivery please thoroughly check your bespoke product and immediately report any problems as we will not be held liable for any defects identified after a receiving a signed acceptance of delivery.

We cannot be held responsible for conditions of use or the storage within a customer’s house or how this may affect the bespoke furniture in any way.

It is not advisable to position bespoke furniture in close proximity to a direct heat source such as an Aga, radiators or wood burner. We advise against putting bespoke furniture in direct contact with under floor heating.

Bespoke furniture made using reclaimed material will be affected by heat and moisture. A hot or dry environment will cause the timber to shrink and a damp or moisture rich environment will cause the bespoke furniture to swell. Cracks, splits, cupping, drying shakes and movement are natural characteristics of reclaimed timber; this is not a fault with the material or workmanship. We cannot be held responsible for movement of your bespoke furniture caused by extremes of temperature or expose to sunlight. Exposure to these changes may cause some shrinking or splitting which we cannot except as a reason for refund.

All of our bespoke furniture will need protecting using mats and/or coasters where appropriate. It is recommended that all hot items such as Kettles/pans are not placed directly on to the surface without protection.

Bespoke Zinc/Copper products

Zinc and Copper are natural products and will mark unless protected with place mats and/or coasters.

All Zinc and Copper surfaces will vary and will not be uniform. No two items that we make are exactly the same.

All samples/swatches are for a guide only.

The Antique and Distressed Antique finish is achieved by using a chemical which reacts with the material and done by hand and will vary from item to item.

To clean the surface of your table warm water is recommended. Any acid based cleaning products will mark the surface and should be avoided. Lemon scented cleaning products have a high acidity.

It is recommend that all hot items such as Kettles/pans are not placed directly on to the surface without protection ie place mats/coasters.

Applicable to Radiators


All our traditional radiators are individually hand cast and assembled, thus total lengths/widths of the radiators can vary slightly. We strongly advise that you position your radiators before installing your pipe work. The Company will not be liable for any damage or losses incurred by the purchaser or their representatives for installation of pipe work prior to the goods being placed in situ.

Painting & Finishes

Sectional radiators are supplied in a primer coating ready to be painted. The colour of the primer varies by radiator and, although the Company will endeavour to meet the Purchaser’s requirements, it cannot be held responsible for failure to supply a particular primer colour. We recommend that primed radiators are painted with an appropriate paint for the purpose. For painted goods, the Company gives no guarantee that the colour will accord precisely with the advertised colour and the Purchaser accepts that there may be minimal differences. The colour and gloss level in any colour or RAL chart must be used only as guidance. Please note that colours presented online will vary between different computers and monitors and that printed colours may vary slightly from the actual paint colour.


Polished radiators are supplied coated with a thin layer of oil. Polished radiators should be kept oiled by applying a thin coat of oil every 2 months. This will protect the cast iron from rusting. Oils used can be anything from Danish oils to WD40 type oils; they must be clear and long lasting. If you forget to oil your radiator, depending on the moisture within the environment, a thin coat of rust may appear. This can easily be removed by applying a thin coat of ‘T-Cut’ and then re-oiling the radiator. Do not put any damp clothes onto your radiators as this will cause them to rust. There are a number of different types of polished finish available in the UK, if the type of polished finish is of key importance (e.g. to match other radiators), please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your requirements. A photo is always the best recourse in these circumstances.

2. Sales


It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to check the invoice and ensure that all details on the invoice are correct. The Company will not be held liable for any details that are incorrect if they have not been brought to the attention of the Company prior to the dispatch of goods.


Payment for goods is in full in advance of delivery unless with the prior agreement of the Company in writing. The Company reserves the right to charge interest on any late payments at the rate of 4% above current base rate, i.e. if base rate is 5%, the interest levied by the Company would be 9% per annum.


Delivery dates are approximate and no liability whatsoever is accepted in respect of late deliveries. Upon request we supply estimated delivery dates. Purchasers are usually notified of confirmed delivery dates 2-3 days prior to dispatch. The Company will not be responsible for any delays in the delivery of goods or services, nor for any damages or loss caused to the Purchaser or other party as a consequence of this delay. The Company will endeavour to meet any special shipping requirements as a courtesy, but will not be held responsible for failure to meet these requirements. It is strongly advised not to book plumbers or fitters until you have everything safely on site in case of delays with the delivery.

If you have paid for a delivery service on a large bulky (heavy) item, please note this is a one-man delivery and the driver will require help to make the delivery. If you are unable to arrange help, we can offer a two-man delivery service, this is priced on application please contact for more information.
The Courier would deliver the Goods to the entrance of the designated delivery address only (Ground Floor only). The Courier may help with taking the goods into a location inside the address at their sole discretion. In either scenario, if any damage is incurred to the property or item by the Courier during the delivery, be it either through negligence or otherwise, we nor the Courier are to be liable to pay-out any compensation whatsoever in any circumstance.
If the item will not fit into your property due to access this will be left at the kerbside. 
Delivery times will vary due to your location.


Applicable to items shipped by pallet - When shipped using this method the haulage company will attempt to deliver pallets as close as possible to the Purchaser’s required position, usually to the closest hard-standing area. The haulage company is under no obligation to remove items from the pallet, nor carry items into the Purchaser’s property. The Purchaser should warn the Company if there is restricted access, soft or gravelled driveways. Should the Company not be notified in advance of any restrictions in delivery access, or should the Purchaser or their representatives not be present to sign for the goods, the Company reserves the right to charge a redelivery fee should redelivery is necessary. A lot of our items are very heavy; please ensure that either sufficient manpower, or lifting gear, is available to unload the pallet. For timed, and/or Saturday deliveries, the haulage company levies additional charges, please contact the Company for details of these charges.


Delivery of small items will be shipped by Royal Mail/business post/courier Company. The Company will not be held responsible for any failure of the pallet forwarding network or delivery service to deliver within any specified period.


Acceptance of Deliveries - Please ensure that goods are unpacked when they are delivered and check them against the delivery note. Any goods damaged in transit must be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery. The Company will not be held liable for any damaged goods if not reported to us within this three day time period. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring after delivery.

Back Orders

Should any item requested by the Purchaser be on back order, the Company will endeavour to supply such goods as soon as possible; however, the Company will not be responsible for any delays in the delivery of goods or services, nor for any damages or loss caused to the Purchaser or other party as a consequence of this delay.

Force Majeure

No responsibility can be accepted by the Company for any failure or delay in performance which is wholly or partially due to an Act of God, War, Fire, Explosion, Riot, Civil Commotion, Restriction by Government or other competent authority, Strikes, Lock Outs, Failure in Supplies, or to any cause whatsoever beyond it’s control.

3. Post-Sales

Non bespoke items must be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund – providing the item is in the same condition as sold and in its original packaging and the buyer must pay any transportation/shipping costs.. A 25% re-stocking fee is applicable on all goods except faulty or damaged goods.


Radiators have a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee and valves for 2 year from the date of the Purchaser’s invoice to be free from any manufacturing defects. The Company will replace any goods found faulty due to manufacturing or workmanship free of charge within this period, subject to the following conditions:

  • NO caustic, corrosive, or acidic plumbing compounds or liquids are to be used on or in any part of our Carron radiators, valves or connections including aggressive flushing agents. If this is required the radiators should be flushed thoroughly with clean water only. The water in the system MUST BE neutralised correctly following the use of any compounds etc if required using appropriate crystals or similar. Where caustic and or corrosive compounds (liquid or other) have been introduced into the radiator(s) which have caused damage to seals/gaskets, this will invalidate any guarantee offered;
  • the defect is not due to wear and tear, accident, misuse, improper operation or failure due to incorrect installation;
  • the cost of labour is paid by the Purchaser;
  • proof of purchase is available;
  • powder coating primed radiators by the Purchaser or their agents invalidates the guarantee as the Company has no control over how the radiators have been shot-blasted or heat treated;
  • The Company reserves the right to change only the defective section of a sectional radiator;
  • Consequential loss – the Company is not liable for any consequential loss caused directly or indirectly by any defect in it’s goods;
  • The benefit of this warranty is given to the first retail purchaser of the goods and is not assignable.

Returns Policy

The Company will accept the return of non-faulty goods as long as the goods are fit for purpose and in the same condition that they left it’s warehouse. Upon the return of such goods in the aforementioned condition a full refund of the cost of the radiator(s) in primer finish will be given within 30 days subject to a 30% restocking charge and the cost of returning the goods to the warehouse. The cost of painting or polishing is non-refundable.


The Company prides itself on the provision of first rate customer service; however, in the unlikely event that you do have a complaint, such a complaint must be furnished to the Company in writing within 7 days of the receipt of goods setting out the grounds of complaint. The Company will ensure that any such complaint is dealt with sensitively and in a timely fashion.

4. Legal

UK Law

These terms and conditions and any contract formed are subject to UK law and shall be dealt with under the UK legal system only. In these Terms and Conditions the term ‘the Company’ means UK Architectural Antiques trading as UK Architectural Antiques. ‘Purchaser’ refers to the purchaser of any goods or services and the term ‘goods’ refers to any item sold by the company. Nothing herein referred to shall be deemed to have construed a relationship with any supplier or purchaser of the Company’s products or services without the express written permission of the company.


All text, graphics, formatting or other materials present on the Company’s web site or in the Company’s printed material shall remain the property of the Company. Any use of the Company’s materials without written permission of from the Company is prohibited.


By using the Company’s web site you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions you may not use our web site shop.


The Company endeavours at all times to adhere to best practice in respect of security. The Company bears no responsibility for any security breaches howsoever caused; however, it will act to the best of its ability to see that such breaches do not occur and to remedy such a breach in the unlikely event of it occurring. For web-based orders we use a secure processing system (PayPal) utilising Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software and the Company holds no credit card details after the order has been successfully placed.


The Company respects the privacy of its customers and the users of its web site and will never supply any personal details to third parties without permission. We are committed to acting in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

5. Care of your Radiator(s)

We want your radiator(s) to arrive in perfect condition and be kept in perfect condition to ensure they last you a lifetime. Mishandling during carriage can lead to faults. In order to ensure that your radiators do not get damaged during transit, please note the following;

When screwing the valve tail into the bush - turn it finger tight then using a spanner turn it till there is only moderate resistance. Using a 4” (100mm) spanner it is difficult to over tighten. It is easy to over tighten and crack the bush with an 8” spanner. A thread sealant must be applied to the valve tail threads to get a water tight seal. LSX sealant available at all plumbers’ merchants is recommended. PTFE tape is an acceptable alternative.

It should not normally be necessary to unscrew the bushes, but if for any reason you do, retighten them gently, enough only to create a good seal. 18” Stilsons should not be used! The torque from an 8” adjustable spanner is more than enough to create a good seal. UK Cast Iron Radiators recommend that an inhibitor such as Fernox is used in your heating system. It is also recommended that you give your system a full system flush prior to commissioning.

Benefits of having a power flush done:

  • Increased efficiency
  • System reliability
  • Increased system life
  • Savings

It is also very important for the health of not only your radiators/seals but also for your boiler that PH levels are below 8.

6. Carrying Radiator(s)

The correct way to carry a radiator keeping is upright at all times. Please use pieces of wood as handles at either end of the radiator. Larger radiators may need a central lift.

Carrying your radiator

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