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Here at UKAA, we supply classic Carron towel rails influenced by original Victorian designs. These Victorian style towel rails are available in high-quality chrome, nickel or copper finish. Some are available with an integral radiator in cast iron or steel, offering an attractive and efficient bathroom solution.

The Broughton Towel Rail
The Broughton traditional towel radiator comes in either chrome or copper with a Victorian style towel rail cast iron radiator insert. We can paint the Carron classic towel rail insert in a colour and brand of your choice, for example, Farrow & Ball or Little Greene. Alternatively, we can paint our cast iron towel rails in any of our standard colour choices. Our range of standard colours are:

  • Vellum
  • Buttermilk
  • Parchment White
  • French Grey
  • Satin Black
  • Graphite Grey
  • Foundry Grey
  • Hammered Gold
  • Ancient Breeze
  • Willow Green
  • Hammered Bronze

We also have the following luxury finishes available:

  • Antiqued Finish
  • Vintage Copper

Wondering how we paint our towel rails? First, the cast iron radiator inserts are primed and then have a minimum of two coats of paint in loose sections, before being built and pressure tested. They are then over sprayed and quality controlled to a high standard. The Broughton classic towel rail radiator is 960mm tall and 675mm wide and gives a generous heat output of 2407 BTU based on delta 60.

Broughton Cast Iron Towel Rail

The Wilsford Towel Rail
The Wilsford traditional towel radiator comes in Chrome or Copper and has a decorative Rococo cast iron radiator insert. As with the Broughton towel rail, we are able to paint the insert in a colour of your choice or one of our standard radiator colours. The Wilsford towel rail looks fantastic in the antique finish as effortlessly highlights the character of the Rococo design.

Wilsford Carron Towel Rails

The Wilsford Traditional Heated Towel Radiator

The Colossus Towel Rails
The Colossus cast iron towel rail is an ample framed towel rail in a classical style with striking knuckles and boasts 40mm wide tubing that gives it a grand and impressive feel. The larger dimensions result in an increased heat output and some are dual fuel compatible. These cast iron towel rails are currently available in various sizes and three finishes: chrome, nickel and copper. The Colossus is available as either a floor mounted towel rail or wall mounted towel rail. The wall mounted version is a great space saving radiator and is ideal for use in smaller bathrooms.

The Carron Colossus Towel Rail Radiator In A Nickel Finish

The Colossus Classic Heated Towel Rail

The Colossus horse rail towel rail is a sleek and stylish double railed towel warmer, with free standing design features, making it a unique asset for any bathroom.

Colossus Horse Vintage Heated Towel Rail

Colossus Cast Iron Radiator Towel Rails

The Winthorpe Towel Rail
The Winthorpe tall traditional towel radiators are a traditional ladder type style towel warmer. The Winthrope towel rail is available in chrome or copper and is one of our tallest cast iron towel rails we have available. An effective solution for smaller bathrooms, the height of the Winthrorpe towel radiator makes it ideal for bathrooms where floor space is restricted. This tall traditional towel radiator is 1550mm tall and 626mm wide, giving off602 BTU based on delta 60.

Winthorpe Traditional Heated Towel Radiator

The Ermine Towel Rail
If you’re looking for Victorian style towel racks, the Ermine is simple yet classic, and available in either copper or chrome. This traditional heated towel radiator makes a fantastic feature in any property and, teamed up with one of our cast iron baths, would give your bathroom an authentic vintage look.

Ermine Chrome Victorian Style Towel Racks

Copper And Chrome Vintage Heated Towel Rail

Traditional Towel Radiators

The Beckingham Towel Rail
The Beckingham is designed to imitate a classic Victorian towel rail design. This classic towel rail is traditionally manufactured for an authentic look, and available in copper or chrome. The Beckingham is 965mm tall and 675mm wide, giving off 527 BTU based on delta 60.

Beckingham Copper Towel Rail Radiator

Traditional Towel Radiators In Stock At UKAA

The Bassingham Towel Rail
The Bassingham cast iron towel rail is a very traditional wall mounted towel warmer. This time-honoured design provides a simple yet effective look in any bathroom. The Bassingham classic towel rail is available in copper or chrome, standing at 770mm tall and 500mm wide andgives off 521 BTU based on delta 60.

 Bassingham Chrome Cast Iron Towel Rails

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Traditional Heated Towel Radiator

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