Radiator Pipe Covers

UKAA have a broad range of Cast Iron Radiator Pipe Covers and Pipe Shrouds. The cover or sleeve can be used with any type of radiator including our traditional cast iron column radiators. Our sleeving kits or pipe shrouds come in a range of finishes to complement our radiator valves and radiator accessories. The pipe covers are designed to go over the top of existing copper or plastic pipework and are available in antique brass, pewter, old English brass, chrome, nickel, brass, antique copper and satin nickel.

Metal Pipe Covers or Sleeving Kits to be Used with Radiator Valves, Suitable for Cast Iron Column Victorian Radiators and Reproduction Modern Radiators


What Are Cast Iron Radiator Pipe Covers?

Cast iron radiator pipe covers, also called radiator pipe sleeves or sleeving kits, are a great solution to cover pipe work that comes out of the floor or wall.

Radiator pipe sleeves fit over your existing copper radiator pipe and are matched to the finish of your valves. For instance if you have chosen a chrome valve, you could match it with chrome sleeve kits. Our radiator covers are designed to look polished and sleek from the floor upwards.

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Radiator Pipe Sleeves  

Cast Iron Radiator Pipe Covers – Finishes

At UKAA, we offer a variety of different finishes for your radiator pipe sleeves, such as:

• Polished brass
• Antique brass
• Old English brass
• Antique copper
• Black nickel
• Satin nickel
• Pewter
• Chrome

In addition to these, our metal radiator pipe collars are of the highest quality to match your radiator pipe covers.

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Fitting Your Cast Iron Radiator Pipe Covers

Radiator pipe covers are easy to fit and can be installed when your radiators are being plumbed in. The dimensions of the covers are a length of 130mm, 18mm wide (outside diameter). The radiator pipe covers come complete with the floor discs which are 44mm in diameter.

All your plumber needs do is simply cut radiator pipe covers to the desired length and then slide them into position over your copper pipe, placing the floor discs first.

Fitting radiator pipe covers is a simple task but leaves your radiators looking impressive, stylish and sleek.

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Radiator Pipe Covers


UKAA can deliver any of our sleeving kits throughout the UK and Worldwide please contact us at the office for more information.
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