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Original Antique Stoves

UKAA are purveyors of antique reclaimed stoves and we have had some wonderful examples over the years.

Original antique reclaimed Victorian kitchen stoves made by belle portable out of cast iron fully refurbished in our workshops ready for delivery worldwide

The tortoise stove is probably the most popular make of stove. It is a wonderful stove that came in a range of sizes. Made by Portway in the 1800’s. Charles Portways took inspiration from the very first enclosed metal stoves which first appeared in  North America at the end of the 1700’s and custom built his own stove to heat his Halstead based store. It proved so popular that his neighbouring shopkeeper asked to build one for his store. Soon afterwards Portway set up a small foundry manufacturing solid fuel stoves that were so successful they lasted up to the 1980’s almost without any change. The beauty behind the success of Portway’s stoves was in their efficiency. The stoves burned so slowly that they extracted the maximum amount of heat from the fuel. The stoves were named ‘Tortoise’ stoves and proudly produced the motto ‘Slow but Sure’ displayed on the front. Although plain to look at they did a job and did it well and are still being used today to heat homes, offices, churches and narrow boats.

Antique original salvaged reclaimed original tortoise stove fully refurbished in our work shops ready for delivery worldwide 
The Portway stove is a really popular choice for narrow boats due to the nice small and compact size of them.  

With the ever increasing surge in heating bills antique reclaimed stoves have become very popular.
A good quality stove is a real investment and it also gives a wonderful look and homely feel to a property. You can burn coal, wood and peat on the stoves. Many people these days choosing to burn logs.
We have also had some wonderful decorative stoves over the years depicting animal’s birds and flowers in the casting.

image description

We also have a range of original log baskets, buckets and accessories available  

Original antique fully refurbished brass coal scuttles and buckets available for a next day delivery 

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