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UK Architectural Antiques. Suppliers of cast iron radiators and interiors


 5. October 2011 14:14

Cast and Wrought Iron Gates and Railings

UKAA buy and sell antique reclaimed and salvaged gates and railings made of wrought and/or cast iron.

Occasionally we discover good gates in Oak or Pine but this is not common.

To compliment our salvaged items we also stock the Heritage range of cast iron gates and railings.

Download your FREE brochure here

Download your FREE Brochure Here

These products are cast using the traditional methods as used in the Victorian times.

The Heritage range are exact copies using the original patterns.

This allow us to give you the stock required to do a large range of projects, all the items are primered, ready for you to finish in your choice of top coat.

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 20. September 2011 13:56

Electric Radiators

You can have an Electric Radiator that looks like this

In fact you can have any size or style of cast iron radiator - we can then supply you with an electric element that is suitably sized

You then have a free standing electric radiator - but with great style

The elements are available in a range of colours and outputs

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 7. September 2011 10:17

2 New valves added to our range

We have two new valves to add to our range. Both are made by Carron. They are - as with all of our valves  - suitable for use with any of our Cast Iron Radiators.

Carron Antique Brass Throttle Valve

Carron Satin Nickel Daisy Wheel Valve

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 15. August 2011 16:49

Comparing Thermostatic and Manual Valves

There are two types of radiator valve available to buy: - Thermostatic and Manual.
Both Thermostatic and manual valves are sold in pairs - you will receive a valve and a lockshield.
The Control Valve is the larger of the two items and the lockshield is the smaller item.
By convention looking from within the room at your radiator:
The control valve (which is adjustable by the home owner) is fitted on the right hand side (inlet)
The lock shield (which is set up by the plumber who installs the radiator and is then left in this position) is fitted on the left hand side (outlet)

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

These valves give the optimum of control; they are designed to turn off the radiator once the room temperature has been met.
The wheel handle can be turned which adjusts the room temperature setting.

Manual Radiator Valves

These valves give the more traditional look to your radiators.
These valves allow you to adjust the radiator temperature by easily turning the valve.

The following notes are to be read before fitting your valves

When screwing the valve tail into the bush - turn it finger tight then using a spanner turn it till there is only moderate resistance.

Using a 4” (100mm) spanner it is difficult to over tighten.

It is easy to over tighten and crack the bush with an 8” spanner.

A thread sealant must be applied to the valve tail threads to get a water tight seal.

Sealants are available from your plumbers, PTFE tape is an acceptable alternative.
It should not normally be necessary to unscrew the bushes, but if for any reason you do, retighten them gently, enough only to create a good seal.
18” Stilsons should not be used!
The torque from an 8” adjustable spanner is more than enough to create a good seal.

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 12. August 2011 16:52

Antiqued Finish Radiators

The antiqued finish is suitable for any light coloured paints. The polish that we apply to give that antique look goes into all the nooks and crannies. It does not rub off on to your hands.

This image is of a Chelsea radiator finished in Antiqued Hammered Gold

This image is of a Daisy radiator finished in Antiqued French Grey

A close up of the Antiqued French Grey

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 8. August 2011 17:23

New carron Towel Rails just advertised

The Carron range of towel rails have just been advertised

They are available in chrome or copper surrounds

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 3. August 2011 15:44

Sleeve Kits

We have a range of 6 different colours/finishes of sleeve kits.

The sleeve kit is designed to fit over the inlet and outlet pipes, the inlet and outlet pipes are normally 15mm copper, 10mm copper of nowdays 15mm plastic, the sleeve kit slides over these pipes to make a clean and tidy job.

Antique Brass

Antique Copper

Black Nickel



Satin Nickel

The Chrome sleeve kit and a chrome Crocus valve

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 29. July 2011 09:41

All of our prices shown include Vat

All of our prices shown include Vat


Our policy is to show the full price on our websites - nothing hidden

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 21. July 2011 14:59

New Valves Available Now

All of our valves are available for next day delivery


Bentley Range

Gothic Range

Westminster Range

Faringdon Range

Brushed Nickel Finish

Antique Brass Finish

Brass Finish (Lacquered)

Chrome Finish
Antique Silver Finish

Luxury Range

Satin Nickel

Polished Brass

Polished Nickel

Bradley Range

Nickel Finish

Brass Finish

Daisy Range

Brass Finish

Chrome Finish

Crocus Range

Brass Finish

Chrome Finish

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 30. June 2011 16:47

Antiqued Finish

A popular radiator finish is the Antiqued Finish. What we do is to paint your radiator in the normal way, we then, by hand, apply a dark polish finish to all of the paintwork. We buff the radiator with a cloth, this leaves the polish in all of the nooks and crannies to create that unique hand finished look.

This is suitable for any light colours, as it is a dark polish that we apply. (just state your chosen colour when ordering)

Below you can see the antiqued finish applied to a French Grey painted radiator.

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