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 6. May 2011 16:39

We now take Paments by Paypal

Our checkout will now process payments by Paypal as well as all other cards

We do not surcharge for payments by Paypal or any other cards

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 27. March 2011 13:55

New Gallery Page

We have created this page with the help of our customers - we would like your to send us your images so that we can add them to this page. The idea is to help you to choose your colours and radiator styles - and real images help make this choice a little easier.

email any images to


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 15. March 2011 18:23

Delta 60 Conversion Factors

Most modern systems run at Delta 60

ie the temperature into the radiator is 80 and the desired room temperature is 20

80 minus 20 = 60  that is why we quote at Delta 60

A recent customer had a situation where is temperature into the radiator was 75 and he wanted his room to be 20

so he needed Delta 55 figures

as shown below - he needed to up his radiators by a factor of 1.11

ie if the requirement would of been for 10 sections of radiator in a normal situation then he needed to go upto 11 sections of radiator - this would ensure he ended up with the room temperature of 20

If you need any more help on this matter then please call Viv, Dan or Becky

•Delta T = 55°: x 1.11

•Delta T = 50°: x 1.28

•Delta T = 45°: x 1.43

•Delta T = 40°: x 1.67

•Delta T = 35°: x 1.95

•Delta T = 30°: x 2.36

•Delta T = 25°: x 2.96

•Delta T = 20°: x 3.91

•Delta T = 15°: x 5.6

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 13. March 2011 12:52

The price you see is the price that you pay!!

The price you see is the price you pay

To save any suprises at the checkout all the prices on our website are the price that you actually pay

All items will be invoiced with a Vat receipt

All items are sold by Uk Architectural Antiques Ltd

Vat registration number - 851 9101 38

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 4. March 2011 11:01

View By Appointment

View by Appointment

The reasons why we operate the view by appointment system are-

1. We can make sure the kettle is on when you arrive.

2. We can offer a more personal service for you

3. We can offer you a 7 days a week service - from 8am til late

4. We sell a range of Architectural Antiques as well as our Cast Iron Radiators

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 14. February 2011 13:20

Help with your Radiator Quote

If you can email all of your room sizes ie length, width and height together with the style/s of radiator that you want then we will email you a quote within a few hours.

For awkward shaped rooms then take the average length or width.

You can also request a call back - just email your tel number and a convenient time and Viv Dan or Becky will give you a call

email - info@ukcastironradiators.com

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 1. February 2011 19:53

February Update

Exciting news

2 New Cast Iron Radiator Models

We are now able to offer the Princess in 795mm tall x 125mm deep and the Rococo in a 660mm tall x 120mm deep

The length and colour of these radiators can be made to your own bespoke requirements - of course they are also available in a primer finish as well.

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 25. January 2011 11:06

January 2011 update

Viv is today celebrating her 25th Wedding anniversary today  !!!

We are continuing to develop new products for the coming year - please watch this space.

We are currently working to a 3 - 4 week radiator make up time - this will be back down our normal 2 weeks shortly

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 7. January 2011 12:00

How we make your Bespoke Cast Iron Radiators

Your chosen style of radiator is picked from the warehouse

The radiator sections are given the initial coats of paint

The radiator sections seen here in the drying room

The radiators are pressure tested

A Ribbon radiator fitted in a room setting

The Chelsea radiator in a Full polish finish

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 6. December 2010 10:39

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Delta 30, Delta 50 and Delta 60

Ground Source Heat Pumps

If you need any help with the information below please call our office 7 days a week and we will help you.

If you are installing a ground source heat pump system then we recommend reducing our Delta 60 figures by 20%. This is to compensate for the lower water temperatures that these operate at. Cast Iron Radiators have an operating characteristic of retaining the heat for longer periods which makes them ideal for use with Ground Source Heating Systems.

Some ground source suppliers are recomending that you work to Delta 30 figures -
To work out Delta 30 from our website Delta 60 figures - you just need to add an extra 30%

So for example if our website is telling you that you need a 10 section radiator - then if you are installing in a Delta 30 heating system you would need to use a 13 section radiator.

What is delta 60?

The figures that we quote on our website are at delta 60 - this is basically 80 degrees C output from most central heating boilers versus the 20 degrees C room temperature that we all want to achieve in our homes. The difference between the two is 80-20 = 60 ie Delta 60

Some boilers have a lower output temperature - if this is the case you may need our Delta 50 figures, we can provide these for all of our radiators if you call our office.

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