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UK Architectural Antiques. Suppliers of cast iron radiators and interiors


 1. December 2011 07:24

Bespoke Cast Iron Radiator Orders

We still have over 50 Radiators to go that are already built up in a primer finish - that we can send out on a 2 day delivery service

Another option is to buy your radiator in it's component parts, and then get your plumber to assemble the radiator for you, this is available on a 2 day service and you will save 10% off our normal bespoke radiator prices - call our staff to discuss this option.

Lastly we can supply you with all of your pipe to pipe measurements so that you can get all of your pipework in place ready for your bespoke radiators in early January 2012.

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 30. November 2011 16:58

Candleabra and Candlesticks for your Xmas Dinner Table

Here at UKAA we have a large selection of Candleabra and Candlesticks that are all antique and will make excellent centrepieces for your Xmas Dinner Table

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 17. November 2011 08:42

Examples of Antiqued Finish Radiators

Shown below are a few examples of radiators that have been completed for customers who specified an 'antiqued' finish

This finish is suitable for most lighter colours

This image is a Chelsea cast iron radiator finished in 'Antiqued Parchment White

'Cherub cast iron radiator Antique Parchment White'

'Princess cast iron radiator finished in Antique Vellum'

'Ribbon cast iron radiator finished in antiqued buttermilk'

'Victorian cast iron radiator finished in antiqued hammered gold'

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 9. November 2011 17:59

Save your quotes and then make alterations - new updated tool for you to use

We have further developed our radiator quote saving tool.

Once you have built your quote, you can then edit it and make changes then revise the total price, this allows you to make as many alterations without having to start from the beginning all over again.

You can use this facility as many times as you wish

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 27. October 2011 08:47

Favourite Item Sold this Year

This was top item in our opinion

A fantastic set of 3 hand carved stone elephants, measuring over 3ft tall

If you have anything similar to sell then let us know!!

Closely followed by a couple of Canopy or Shower Baths

The first one - we fully refurbished including re-chroming and re-enamelling the bath

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 24. October 2011 08:38

Floor Grilles

We have several good lots of Cast Iron Floor Grilles in stock

These were used in conservatories and orangeries to cover the heating pipes that were fitted underfloor

The grilles had to be load bearing and decorative

We have even seen some in elaborate greenhouses

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 21. October 2011 18:53

Build your own radiator

The video below demonstrates how to build your own quote, you can then save them, and then make alterations at a later date.

Notice how the prices change as you make alterations - don't forget all of our prices include Vat

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 19. October 2011 16:17

Container Shipping

We are able to provide you with a worldwide shipping service for all of our goods.

We are also able to offer 20ft containers of 300 church chairs - please enquire for latest prices


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 19. October 2011 14:43

Latest Items added to our website

This Portland Stone Well Head came from the Sri Lankan London Embassy

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 10. October 2011 11:15

New Offices Showroom and Store for UKAA - Investing for the Future

The builders have started work on our new office block and store room.

We are using reclaimed materials where possible.
We are using reclaimed bricks for a 50m long retaining wall, and the dwarf wall that goes around the building.
We will be using reclaimed tiles for the building roof, reclaimed floor boards for the floors, reclaimed pine doors and we will be making the  kitchen/rest room area cupboards from reclaimed pine.

The heating will be provided by our cast iron radiators.

We are also having a 4Kw solar panel system fitted.

Showing the start of the retaining wall

The builders have cut and glued bricks for the external corner

Showing the cut and glued bricks on the internal corner

The wall has been designed by a local consultant. The strange thing for me was that the wall is sealed from behind, with 3 coats of a bitumen type of paint, then there is a protective board.
Behind the wall is fitted a 6 inch diameter perforated pipe. This is then covered with a 12inch thick wall of gravel, which goes up the full height of the wall.

The theory is that any water is collected in the gravel, diverted to the land drain pipe and is then taken to a soakaway, whereas i thought that we would of fitted weep holes for the water to come through.

Where the wall goes a little higher there is more steel in the footings and steel, mesh and concrete in the cavity.

The steel uprights are shown, there are two sheets of mesh in the footings, then the steel uprights are every 200mm, I have the detailed drawings for retaining walls from 800mm tall to 2m tall, if anyone would like them i can email them to you.

The steel mesh is then fitted to the uprights, the wall is then built and finally the cavity is filled with concrete.

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