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Parquet Flooring

At UKAA we have a selection of original reclaimed wooden parquet flooring for sale online or at our salvage yard in Staffordshire. Salvaged hardwood parquet is very popular and is available in a range of timbers including oak, beech and mahogany. Strip flooring and parquet can be arranged in a herringbone or basket weave pattern. The parquet is in stock and ready for a next day delivery.
UKAA can deliver any of our parquet flooring throughout the UK and Worldwide please contact us at the office for further information.

At UKAA we have for sale reclaimed parquet flooring which is usually made of hardwoods such as oak, teak, cherry, maple, walnut and Mahogany. Antique parquet flooring is the crème del la crème of wood floors for many reasons, the end result is stunning, timeless and classy. The original parquet flooring is available to view and buy from our antique shop in Staffordshire.

Original antique old recycled parquet flooring fitted in a herringbone design

Parquetry is its technical name and came about due to the creation of different sized oblong shaped blocks of wood that fit together in geometric designs.

Parquet flooring dates back to the mid 1600s and originated in France, possibly at the palace of Versailles. Often, wood from different species of tree would have been used for the effects that can be achieved due to their contrasting colours. Originally the tiles were bonded to the floor using hot bitumen which is a tar like substance but these days, cold adhesives are used which, thanks to modern technology are far more effective and make for an extremely stable floor.

Reclaimed parquet flooring is for sale in pieces ready to be fitted into your old fashioned Victorian property

Herringbone is the most popular design and normally comes in a tongue and groove fit. Original designs can be found in Edwardian houses in the UK, the most common pattern would be a ‘three finger’ style square pattern made up of three blocks or lozenges fitted together to make a square.

Reclaimed hardwood parquet flooring is original and made from oak, mahogany, teak, cherry, maple or walnut

Parquet or Parchet as it was known to the French aristocracy has evolved with the same speed as standard solid and engineered wood floors the only difference is the creative license you can use when designing your parquet floor.

Original parquet floors were glued to concrete and hand scraped before finish, this was developed from blocks to triangles and finally long planks. The staining of the parquet blocks is purely personal as was the material used.

Oak is highly sought after today but the majority of the parquet was a hardwood.

Parquet and wood floors in general lost its appeal in the 1930’s due to the invention of carpet and lino floors. However Parquet is making a real comeback not only because of the look but wooden floors in general are much healthier as they do not harbour dust like carpets do.

Parquet floor, once laid, is a truly beautiful addition to any home it is warm underfoot looks truly amazing and it is above all very hard wearing and it is a very good investment for any property as it is a real selling point.  

Original reclaimed oak flooring for sale in a parquet design which can be laid in a herringbone style

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Reclaimed original hardwood recycled parquet flooring are for sale in oak, dark wood and mahogany fully refurbished and ready for delivery worldwide

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