10. December 2011 15:37

Electric Heating Elements - Customer Query.

I wonder whether you could tell me a little more about how the 
electric elements work in cast iron rads. There seems to be some 
forums which suggest they just blow up the radiator as there is no 
room for expansion. Have you got any experience of this?

Becky From UKAA says:
We have sold a lot of the heating elements and have had no problems at all as we suggest filling your radiator to 98% leaving 2% for expansion when in use.

The elements are 240v and they can be used as a standalone electrically heated radiator, or they can be fitted as a backup into a standard water based system i.e. if you have a room in the property that  you would like to heat But you do not want to heat the whole house with your water based system, you can use your heating element instead. Or if you have a property without a water based system but want the Victorian style radiators instead of storage heaters these would work fine as free standing radiators.

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