8. September 2016 10:46

Electric Heating Cast Iron Radiators

Here at UKAA we have available the electric heating elements for cast iron radiators which can be purchased in the 2kw or 1.5kw options.

The elements are designed to be used with cast iron column radiators, they are designed to work with reproduction column radiators and old reclaimed Victorian cast iron radiators.

The electric radiator elements have two typical uses: One is a standalone heat source such as an extension where no central heating is fitted.

Or the heating element can be used with a radiator that has already been plumbed into the existing heating system. 

They are for sale in a range of different finishes such as chrome, anthracite, satin gold, white and satin steel. 

 Electric Heating Elements for Cast Iron Column Radiators especially Old Salvaged Victorian Radiators & New Reproduction Cast Iron Rads for Electric Heating


For more information on our electric heating elements or cast iron radiators please call the team on 01543 222923.

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Email us at info@ukaa.com

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)



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