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 8. June 2014 12:42

From Sketch to Reality - UKAA's Bespoke Products

We thought it would be a nice idea to show you how easy it really is to design and have a bespoke product turned into reality by UKAA.


We work closely with our clients to make sure their needs are met throughout the design process.

In general we start off with a chat via email or telephone and get a quick sketch drawn on to paper, take a look at how simple the drawings are below.

We can sketch out a design for you, although many people send us a picture of their own.

You can see however that no matter how simple or complex the design drawing is, the resulting product in real life always blows us away.


Here are two examples of designs on paper or computer and their resulting finished products. These are of a bespoke table base of the customer's own design with a zinc top and a bespoke butchers block that we made from reclaimed timber. 

UKAA Bespoke Zinc Topped Table


UKAA Bespoke Butchers Block from reclaimed timber

We have an in-house carpenter who works with a mix of traditional and modern techniques to produce the most authentic products from reclaimed timber.

Our Zinc and Copper tops are hand beaten and folded here also, with Dan being our chief table maker.


If you have a design in mind or simply want a chat of what we can build for you, please do not hesitate to call us on 01543 222923 or email us at info@ukaa.com


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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