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 16. November 2018 10:00

UKAA For Elegant Spiral Staircases

Here at UKAA we have a selection of reclaimed spiral staircases for sale. All the staircases are delivered to you in kit form complete with all their component parts and ready to fit.

Spiral staircases are very popular as they are elegant and perfect space savers. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

All our staircases are available for worldwide delivery.

UKAA have for sale a selection of spiral staircases. All are delivered in kit form and complete with all component parts and ready to fit

Click Here To View Our Selection of Spiral Staircases

For more information or to order please do call us on 01543 222923

Email us at info@ukaa.com

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 8. February 2016 11:10

Happy Customer: Spiral Staircase sent to the USA

We have just received this fantastic image via email from one of our happy customers. 

Our customer has brought a reclaimed spiral staircase from us to be used in his brewery in the USA.

The spiral has been situated on the outside wall in the mill house, as you can see the item looks amazing. 

We work very closely with our shippers who are able to delivery any of our items to any destination world wide. 

For more information on our world wide shipping please call the team on 01543 222923.

 By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


spiral stair case shipping USA UKAA for sale reclaimed cast iron cast alloy

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 22. August 2015 10:01

Reclaimed Spiral Staircases at UKAA

UKAA have a fantastic selection of reclaimed Cast Iron Spiral Staircases available.

As much as stairs are very functional they can also be very decorative and an impressive part of a building and our staircases certainly are that!

Spiral staircases were first created for use in towers of castles where their tight winding shape was a fantastic defence against enemies who found it extremely difficult to navigate up the staircase and were unable to storm the tower all at once instead having to travel up the stairs one by one.

These staircases are now very popular for the beauty and style that makes them a perfect conversation piece in the home or business, they are also a fantastic space saver making them perfect for a Cottage or even a loft conversion. 

Less well known is the fact that the Eiffel Tower was first completed in 1889 with with only one way to reach the top; via a 1,700 step Iron Spiral Staircase:



To view our full, current range of Cast Iron Spiral Staircases please click the image below:

Cast Iron Cast Metal Black White Spiral Stairs Staircase Steps Winding Centrepiece Decorative Ornate Reclaimed Antique

For more information on any of our spiral staircases please do call the friendly sales team on 01543 222923 or email us at info@ukaa.com


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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