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Reclaimed Haddonstone Cast Stone Garden Water Fountain


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Ref: 9829

  • Reclaimed Haddonstone Cast Stone Garden Water Fountain
  • This is a classic cast stone fountain with fantastic lichens and patina.
  • In excellent reclaimed condition.
  • The outer ring has a 7ft ½ Diameter.
  • The overall height of the fountain alone is 5ft.
  • The bowl measures 38" Diameter.
  • This outer ring is in 16 pieces.
  • The fountain comes in 5 pieces.
  • There are 2 water outlets on the bowl and 1 which comes out the fishes mouth.
  • Reclaimed from a period property in London.
  • Haddonstone cast stone is an handmade unique form of cast limestone with a surface texture similar to Portland stone.
  • Please note we have used the engineered bricks for photograph purposes only.
  • All sizes are approximate.

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