31. October 2014 11:57

Antique Copper Clock tower now for sale

We have recently added this fantastic reclaimed clock tower to our website.

The clock has been a two year restoration project at UKAA as we have fully refurbished while still keeping the excellent weathered patina.

The clock tower is a fantastic reclaimed one off item made from antique copper and has four cast iron clock faces.

We reclaimed the clock tower from the Radcliffe Riverside School in Manchester.

To view the full advert please click here or call the office on 01543 222923 


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 20. September 2014 12:41

New In: Fantastic Antique Coalbrookdale Stick Stand

The team have just advertised this fantastic Antique Coalbrookdale cast iron and brass stick stand.

The stand circa 1880, is in excellent condition for an item of this age and has Coalbrookdale stamped on the base.

This piece is ideal to use in hall ways to tidy up umbrellas and walking sticks, the base shape is designed to catch run off water.

To view the advert in full please click here or call the office on 01543 222923


stick stand hall way cast iron coalbrookdale

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 4. September 2014 09:36

Just Advertised: Fantastic reclaimed Butcher Block

At UKAA we are constantly updating our stock and advertising new items for sale.

We have just finished refurbishing a fantastic antique reclaimed butcher block on a bespoke base.

The base has been made especially for this reclaimed block, the base has been painted in Farrow and Ball London Clay.

The four drawers can be operated from both sides making this block ideal to use as a kitchen island.

To view the full advert and more images please click here 

bespoke butchers block kitchen island


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 5. August 2014 12:08

Just In: John Crowley Unicorn Door Stop Cica 1840

The team at UKAA have just advertised this fantastic John Crowley Unicorn Door Stop on the website.

The Unicorn was originally used as a fireside accessory but now is being used as a unique door stop.

The unicorn is circa 1840 and represents the Scottish Union on the Royal Coat of Arms

To view the advert and more images please click here

Unicorn Cast Iron Door Stop


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 25. June 2014 15:28

Happy Customers Photograhs: Royal Mail Cast Iron Post Box Delivered To Germany


Today we have received some lovely photographs form a customer of their Royal Mail Cast Iron ER post box.

The Post box left us early last week and has already been shipped to Germany and installed!

This ER Wall Mounted

Post Box was sold partially refurbished,

we stripped the original layers of paint back to a bare metal then coated in several layers of red oxide primer ready to paint after instillation.

The box has then been painted in Black with gold lettering and looks stunning.

We can ship all of our Antiques around the world: this post box only took two days to arrive in Germany!

Royal Mail GR Post Box Cast Iron in Black Germany


Please click here to view our Post Boxes for sale


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 12. June 2013 13:01

Fitting Reclaimed Floorboards

UKAA buy and sell Reclaimed Pine Floorboards.

UKAA can offer you 2 options

1. Reclaimed Floorboards - Original Victorian square edged boards
2. Re-Sawn Floorboards - Victorian beams cut into floorboards to your sizes - either square edged or tongue and groove

Many people these days are re-installing reclaimed floor boards. The options available are reclaimed original Victorian square edged floor boards, and re-sawn boards in either square edged or tongue and grooved. We pride ourselves on the quality of timber we use for our re-sawn floor boards. We are very particular when it comes to reclaimed floor boards; we only buy floor boards that we ourselves would use in our own home. The timber we buy is over 100 years old. We only buy the best timber.

Floor boards are often fitted with various board widths in one room. This method makes a floor appear aesthetically pleasing, but some of our customers tend to use just one width of board in a room. The choice is yours, depending on what your requirements are. Using one width in a room is more convenient for the person fitting the boards. One only has to see the finished product to appreciate why it really is worth all the time, cost, and effort.

Re-claimed flooring, which is tens and sometimes hundreds of years old, attains a beauty and patina that simply cannot be replicated by new flooring suppliers.

Buying from UKAA will remove any quality issues and allow you to concentrate on the fitting / installation.

A reclaimed floor that has been properly laid and finished will blend perfectly with the décor of a period property. It will also enhance its surroundings and add greatly to the property’s re-sale value.

Fitting Floorboards
We have fitted reclaimed pine floorboards in to our new offices, both down and upstairs.

The boards that we used are shown in the images below with the final image showing the finished boards.

We sanded the boards with a normal 4" wide belt sander - we did not use the large ones that you normally hire as we did not want to take out too much of the patina of the old boards. We then finished the boards with 3 coats of Osmo which is a wax oil.

The first image shows the floorboards prior to fitting
 photo P1000919_zps69d663cc.jpg

These next three images show the boards being fitted
we used a pair of clamps to keep the boards nice and tight prior to nailing.

 photo P1000925_zps11ecbe79.jpg

Downstairs taking shape - the red paint on the boards -
we just sanded these boards a little more than the others
to blend them in
 photo P1000928_zps4878c373.jpg

Fitting around the new radiator pipes
 photo P1000929_zps12e05a73.jpg

The finished boards
 photo IMG_0097_zps6a3aa755.jpg

Floorboards that we have for sale


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