21. August 2015 14:27

Aga Fridges And Freezers

UKAA have a good selection of AGA Fridges and Freezers available to purchase;

The Aga Fridges and Freezers are classically designed, reliable & unmatched in terms of performance.

It is one of few refrigerator manufacturers who made the interior of their products entirely from stainless steel; this makes the product very hard wearing and the AGA name is known for it's quality and longevity.

AGA no longer manufacture their fridges and freezers with stainless steel interiors, they are now manufactured with plastic interiors making these older models much more desirable.

We currently have a number of single fridges and freezers with both left hand doors and right hand doors to suit any kitchen as well as this fantastic very rare large capacity cream AGA double fridge;

AGA Fridge Freezer Kitchen Accessories Refrigerator Cream Green Double Single Left Hand Right Hand Rare Stainless Steel Metal

All of our AGA fridges and freezers are in full working order; you will receive a full set of manufacturers instructions with your fridge or freezer too.

To view our full current range of AGA Fridges and Freezers please click here

For more information on any of these items please do not hesitate to call the office on 01543 222923 or email us at info@ukaa.com


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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