Antique Garden Sundials

Antique garden sundials are favourites at UKAA and we always have a selection for sale which can be viewed online or at our Staffordshire based reclamation yard. Our range includes horizontal sundials, free standing stone sundials, armillary sundials and Heliochronometers. They are available in a range of materials such as hand carved stone, cast iron, sandstone and reconstituted stone.
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UKAA offer a worldwide shipping service on any of our antique sundials please contact us at the office for further information.

The Sundial is known to have been a formal garden ornament since the sixteenth century, but the majority available today will date from the end of the eighteenth century. The sundial comprises of a dial which is usually, Bronze, Copper, Brass or stone, engraved with hours and compass points together with its gnomon, and be fixed vertically to a wall or placed horizontally on a pedestal of stone, cast iron or terracotta. The armillary sundial is composed of a number of circles with the object of indicting the construction of the heavens and the motions of the celestial bodies.

Original antique reclaimed Armillary Sundial on a stone pedestal available from our yard


The sundial works according to an ancient principle, which was in use long before our era. People at that time took the position of the sun to divide up time. So that makes the sundial the predecessor of our clock.  

Antique original vintage hand carved solid stone garden sundial available for delivery on a next day


As the sun shines on the pin in the sundial, it throws a shadow on a time scale. The shadow line acts as the hands of a clock and indicates the time.
The sundial is regulated to our summertime when the sun shines the longest and when we are in the garden the most. 

Original Antique Reclaimed Garden Sundials On Stone Base In Our Showroom

Installation of Horizontal Sundial Plates

Put the sundial in a sunny spot in the garden. Make sure the foundation is solid and level. With the Gnomon (angled shaft) facing north turn the sundial until the shadow of the Gnomon indicates the correct time. Your sundial has now been installed. For accuracy this is best carried out at midday and in midsummer. 

Original antique Richard Melvin garden sundial made from slate with original plinth ready for immediate delivery


Installation of Wall Mounted – Vertical Sundials

Wall mounted sundials MUST be on a wall that faces South. At midday set the dial up so that the shadow from the Gnomon is over the 12.  

Original Antique Wall Mounted Vertical Sundial Available From our yard

Original antique stone reclaimed sundial available to view in our yard



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