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Your Own Bespoke Carron Cast Iron Radiator

Want to design your own cast iron radiator? With our easy step-by-step process, create your own custom made cast iron radiator with ease, selecting everything from size and style to additional extras such as sleeve kits and bleed nipples. See our steps below to build your own cast iron radiator. We also have a tutorial video for you to watch.

Step one - please choose a radiator style

Building Your Cast Iron Radiator

Step 1: Radiator Styles

First, select the style of cast iron radiators to suit your home or establishment. From two-column Victorian radiators to Thistle style radiators and more, find our wide selection packed full of styles, designs and varying columns to become a centrepiece in your home.

Step 2: Radiator Sizes

Next, you will be asked to pick your desired radiator size. The style, size and options page will allow you to select your type of radiator, your required radiator size and the finish you would like to use on your new cast iron radiator.

Step 3: Cast Iron Radiator Valves

The next step is to pick your additional cast iron radiator valves to accompany your new radiator. As well as showing you your customised radiator so far with total cost, our selection of radiator valves provides plenty of choice, allowing you to design your radiator to suit your home.

Step 4: Cast Iron Radiator Wall Stays

You’re now ready to choose your cast iron radiator wall stays. Your options include front-mounted brass wall stays, or even no wall stay at all.

Step 5: Sleeve Kits

From antique copper pipe sleeving kits, to Old English brass sleeve kits, choose the option to suit your cast iron radiator. Please note, you always have the option to select no sleeve kit at all if you would prefer your radiator to be designed that way.

Step 6: Radiator Bleed Nipples

Next, you have the option to choose your radiator bleed nipples. Depending on which radiator you choose, some of our radiator bleed nipples available are free of cost.

Step 7. Finishing Your Cast Iron Radiator

Now you have designed your own cast iron radiator, you have the option to save it to your basket. You can also name this particular radiator, for example: “George’s Bedroom” if you are creating multiple cast iron radiators for your home. Once your radiator is saved, you have the option to continue building more, or to go to our checkout page.

Ready to build your cast iron radiator? Use our step-by-step guide to help you. Looking for an off-the-shelf option instead? View our full range online today.