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Here at UKAA we take great pride in our British-made bespoke range of made to measure tables, bespoke kitchen worktops and benches. We specialise in natural copper and zinc bespoke tabletops and reclaimed timber finishes. We work closely with our clients to hand-build the very best products.

At UKAA we love the little details. Our bespoke table tops are easily removable for getting through awkward narrow spaces and each table comes with a pot of paint and/or wax for you to use as touch-up with a polishing cloth.

If you need any help discussing your exact needs or have an exciting idea that we have not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For inspiration and a taste of the high standards that we strive for here at UKAA, please see the following gallery of bespoke tables that we have made for our customers.

Handmade Bespoke Kitchen or Dining Room Tables Custom Made to Order at UKAA from Pine, Oak or Metal Topped Tables Including Copper, Zinc and Brass
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For more information on our bespoke tables, please contact our team today.

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Price Up A Bespoke Zinc, Copper Or Brass Table?

Copper, Brass & Zinc Topped Bespoke Tables

Our natural copper, brass and zinc tabletops are made from full thickness sheets of the finest natural metal. This metal is wrapped over premium MDF (medium-density fibreboard), reducing movement as a result of temperature changes, like central heating.

We only use solid sheet metal for our bespoke tables, made from all-natural materials. Our metal tabletops are durable and hardwearing, ideal for kitchen and dining tables or for commercial use in restaurants and bars.

Unlike other metal plated tables where a thin layer of metal such as brass or zinc is applied over steel, the look of our bespoke copper, zinc and brass table tops will improve with use. And there’s no risk of the finish being scratched off. You can choose to have the natural metal finish, or we can antique or distress the top.

At UKAA, we find zinc to be a great product to work with and use. The material is found in a range of high-end houses and historical estates. Improving with age, zinc table tops look great even after a few hundred years of use.

Please note: Due to how the solid metal sheets are rolled through the mill during production, there may be visible imperfections within the sheets that can’t be polished. This is noticeable in certain lights with the natural finish tabletops.

For any more information on the natural metal table tops we offer, contact us.

Which Finish?

We do several finishes in the zinc & copper tables: Antique, Natural, Distressed Antique and Matte.

The ‘Natural’ finish is polished with a peak paste and gives a very chic, stylish and modern look. It is clean and sharp to the eye. You would need to protect this finish with coasters and mats as it would mark. Any marks that occur can be polished out using the peak polish supplied with every table.

‘Distressed Antique’ finish is natural zinc that has been distressed slightly by hand giving a lovely matte finish and a more used look. This is a practical finish giving an accelerated aged look, which will continue to develop over time. Coasters and placemats are recommended with this finish to keep it in good condition.

The ‘Matte’ finish is practical and has a great flat appearance – perfect for an industrial look. This is very popular for people who like a modern but slightly used look. Coasters are recommended to prevent marks.

Zinc is a natural product making it great for food preparation. We can also make kitchen worktops using zinc for the same reason - making it much more practical than stainless steel.

All finishes can have nailed detailing around the edges for a more industrial feel. This is a personal finish with the option to have them spaced at intervals of your choice.

Metal Table Top Prices

The prices below are for our standard specifications that include:

With or without nails on the table top edge

25mm wrap under of zinc, brass or copper

Natural, matt, antiqued or distressed metal finish

Square table top corners

Base Legs – Turned, tapered or square

Base Finish – painted in solid colour (e.g. Farrow and Ball), distressed or shabby chic

FREE peek metal polish/polishing cloth and touch up paint for the base (if required)

Prices for zinc

  • 58mm Thick Top: additional £10 per square foot on top of the 20mm Thick Top
  • Drawers: £85/each – you decide where you want them on the table base (wooden knobs as standard)
  • Cutlery Drawers: £125/each
  • Corners: see 'Table Corners' for prices

Made to order tabletop

Custom metal tabletop and bench

What Radius Corners Can I Have On The Table?

Table Corners: Zinc, Brass & Copper Corners

Bespoke table or worktop corners

Made to measure table with rounded corners in copper

How Do i Price Up A Bespoke Plank Top Table?

Our pine plank tops are made from reclaimed scaffold boards and are ideal if you’re looking to add a rustic feel to your home. At UKAA we use the finest reclaimed boards to give a superior finish.

As each table we make is unique, we’ll send you a picture once the table has been made. This is to make sure you are happy with it before it is delivered.

Reclaimed Pine Plank Top Tables Prices
The prices below are for our standard specification that includes:

  • Reclaimed planked top
  • Tabletop: waxed to your specification
  • Base finish – painted in solid colour (e.g. Farrow and Ball), distressed or shabby chic
  • With or without a metal plaque - placed in a location of your choice
  • Table Legs - turned, tapered or square
  • FREE pot of wax and touch up paint for the base (if required) with polishing cloth

Handmade Tabletop Prices


  • Drawers: £pound;85/each – you decide where you want them on the table base (wooden knobs as standard)
  • Cutlery Drawers: £pound;125/each

Victorian scrub top tables were often found in the servant quarters of a large house or a family kitchen. These were utilitarian pieces and served a purpose. Victorian scrubbed top table bases were generally made from pine and the tops were made using pine planks. These planks came from wide boards and it would not have been unusual for them to have used slightly different widths. The tables were made for practical use and not necessarily for the look of the table. They would have used whatever boards they had available at the time.

We try to recreate this look with our handmade, bespoke tables. A typical Victorian table base would have had turned legs and were stained brown to look like mahogany. Additionally, the tops were scrubbed as they were often used as a table and a worktop for the preparation of food. To clean the table top it would have been scrubbed by hand using a wooden scrubbing brush.

With our bespoke tables, we can leave the boards and not wax them so that you can achieve the same look. Alternatively, we can wax the tabletop for you. Coasters or placemats will be needed to protect the tabletop if you don’t want to leave any ring marks.

If you require any more information on our pine plank top tables, contact us today.

How Do I Price Up A Bespoke Floorboard Top Table?

Victorian Reclaimed Pine Floorboard Bespoke Tables

Our original Victorian pine floorboards have a real authentic feel which is hard to replicate. As standard, we use boards that are approximately 6 5/8” wide x 7/8” thick. However, we often have the more difficult to source, wider and thicker boards in stock, so please contact us if you are after something a little different.

Victorian Reclaimed Pine Floorboard Tables Prices

victorian Reclaimed Pine Floorboard Bespoke Table Pricing

The prices below are for our standard specification that includes:

  • A board approximately 6 5/8” wide and 7/8” thick
  • Table top: waxed, scrubbed or limed
  • Base finish– painted in solid colour (premium branded products e.g. Farrow and Ball), distressed or shabby chic
  • Table Legs - turned, tapered or square
  • FREE pot of wax and touch up paint for the base (if required) with polishing cloth
How Do I Price Up The Bespoke Round Tables?

Round Antique Tables

Also available in a round design are our reclaimed Victorian floorboards or plank tops.

The floorboards we use depend on the look you are trying to achieve and what we currently have in stock.

Round Antique Tables Prices

Please see below for our prices.

Round Antique Table Prices

Contact us today for any help or to discuss your exact requirements.

Have You Got More Images Of Tapered Leg Tables?

Bespoke Tapered Table Legs

Find a range of tapered leg tables made to measure here at UKAA.

Bespoke Tapered Table Legs on a kitchen table

Our made to measure tables and bespoke table legs are an excellent addition to our large range of reclaimed church and chapel chairs.

The size of the tapered leg gives the table a unique look. The three images below show the tables with an 80mm taper, 70mm taper and a 60mm taper.

80mm Taper:

80mm tapered table legs

70mm Taper:

70mm bespoke table legs

60mm Taper:

60mm Made To Measure Table Legs

Here at UKAA we have the flexibility to give you these options with your tapered table legs:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Knee hole size
  • Size of legs
  • Colour of base
  • Colour of top
  • Distressed finish
  • Shabby chic finish

Natural copper chunky Table with bespoke table legs

Farmhouse style tapered leg tables

Traditional style table and bespoke bench

Antique natural zinc metal table tops

Browse our full range of bespoke tables online, and contact us for more information.

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