Traditional Antique Sri Lankan Oruwa Fishing Boat
Antique Oru Sri Lankan Boat
Antique Sri Lankan Oruwa Outrigger Canoe
Old Sri Lankan Oru Boat
Antique Sri Lankan Fishing Boat
Genuine Reclaimed Sri Lankan Outrigger Canoe
Original Antique Sri Lankan Oruwa Canoe
Old Sri Lankan Oruwa Canoe
Genuine  Sri Lankan Oruwa Canoe
Showing The Oruwa Fishing Canoe

Antique Sri Lankan Oruwa Outrigger Canoe

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  • Antique Sri Lankan Oruwa Outrigger Canoe
  • The oruwa has been around in Sri Lanka for thousands of years.
  • It plays an important role in the lives of those who live near the sea or rivers etc.
  • These sailing vessels have many purposes, such as being used for fishing, to cross rivers and lakes, and to transport cargo.
  • Oruwa are made of dugout wood such as jak, breadfruit, wild mango and teak trees.
  • The different parts are held together with choir rope in a criss cross pattern, this process is called "stitching".
  • The two booms connecting the hull to the float, are made from a single log, which creates a support platform for fishing gear and crew.
  • We reclaimed this from a private property in Little Aston who had it imported over.
  • This measures: 188" Long x 19" Wide x 32 ½" Tall (Max).
  • The oruwa boat and support gives it a max width of 92".
  • The boat is in one piece and the supports come into three pieces.


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