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Fitting An Electric Element

Fitting Electric Elements To Cast Iron Radiators

Find our wide range of electric elements to use with traditional cast iron radiators at UKAA.

These electric elements can be fitted to traditional reclaimed radiators or new reproduction radiators to convert the radiators to electric heating.

Electric Cast Iron Radiators.

Your electric element for radiators can be used as a standalone heat source, or can be fitted to a radiator already plumbed into the central heating system. For example, the electric element can be fitted to a bathroom radiator so that the radiator can be turned "on" when your central heating is "off".

The electric element is fitted with a thermostat which will control the temperature of the room, and it also has a frost setting. To further enhance this, your electrician can also incorporate a timer.

Cast Iron 4 Column Victorian Radiator with electrical elements made by Carron and Sold Worldwide by UKAA 

Instructions For Fitting An Electric Element For Radiators

Please see the manufactures instructions below of how to fit an electrical element to a cast iron radiator. The manufacturer’s fitting instructions are also included in the box with your heating element.

It is recommended that a safety valve is fitted when installing the heating element.

Instructions for Using Electric Elements for Cast Iron Radiators to Convert Old Victorian Radiators to Electric are Perfect for Bathrooms and Kitchens 

How to Fit an Electric Element to a Cast Iron Radiator Fitting Instructions are Ideal to Use to Convert New and Old Cast Iron Radiators to Electric 

Instructions on How to Fit an Electric Element to Old metal Radiators or New Radiators to Make an Electric Radiator Suitable for Period Homes 

Manufacturers Fitting Instructions for Electric Elements to fit Old or New Metal Radiators as a Standalone Heat Source or as Dual Fuel 

The radiator must to be filled like below:

Begin by unscrewing the two end caps at the top of the radiator – this will reveal a large hole at either end of the radiator.

Fill the radiator up with the water and glycol mix. Note, the heating element must be fully submerged.

Start filling slowly from the one end so there are no air locks in the radiator.

Cast Iron electric Radiators are made by Carron and Sold Worldwide by UKAA 

When the radiator is filled, screw the radiator end cap back on the left hand side and raise the radiator at an angle . Carry on filling the radiator slowly to make sure there are no airlocks.

You must leave a 5% gap at the top of the radiator to allow for expansion.

Electrical Radiators are made by Carron and Sold Worldwide by UKAA 

Screw the radiator bush back on the right hand side.
Electrical Cast Iron Victorian Radiator made by Carron and Sold Worldwide by UKAA 

The radiator is now ready for connection to your electrical supply. Please note, this process must be completed by a professional.

Now you know how to fit electric elements, perhaps you want to purchase your own? Browse through our full range of cast iron radiators today.

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