17. July 2016 13:12

The Testing Process for Carron Cast Iron Radiators

Here at UKAA we only sell Carron reproduction cast iron radiators, they are the Rolls Royse of cast iron radiators.

All our Carron cast iron column radiators are extensively tested prior to dispatch to ensure there are no leaks and they are safe to use.

Once the radiators have been assembled they are then carefully transferred to the water and air testing area in the factory.

The radiators are then put through a series of rigorous pressure tests and each radiator is tested for over 24 hours.

Once the radiator passes testing they are then reasigned to the paint team for there final top coat. 

All our Carron cast iron radiators conform to the BS:EN442-2 standard.

Bespoke Carron new cast iron reproduction column radiators in a traditional Victorian style are water and pressured tested prior to dispatch

For more information on our bespoke Carron cast iron radiators and our Carron radiators to go please call the team on 01543 222923.

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By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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