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How to Bleed your Cast Iron Radiator


How To Bleed Cast Iron Radiators

Bleeding cast iron radiators is an important job to ensure you receive the maximum heat from your radiator. Lack of heat from radiators can be due to air bubbles trapped in the system. This can prevent hot water from circulating effectively and take longer for your radiators to warm up your home.

The best way to tell if your cast iron radiator needs bleeding is to feel if it’s cool at the top and warm at the bottom – if so, this means your radiator will probably have air trapped inside.

Bleeding cast iron radiators is a very simple and quick process.You will need to open a small valve (usually called an air vent, or bleed nipple) on your radiator to allow any trapped air to escape.

Please see our simple steps below to on how to bleed a cast iron traditional radiators.:

1.Turn off the central heating.

2.Find the cast iron radiator bleed valve this is usually located on the top of the radiator either on the left or right hand side. To use the cast iron radiator bleed valve, it can often be hand-operated or you may need to use a radiator bleed key.

3.The next step to bleeding cast iron radiators is to turn the bleed valve carefully (usually half a turn will work) and the air will start to escape from the radiator with a hissing sound.

4.When water starts to bubble out of the radiator, close the cast iron radiator bleed valve as quickly as possible.

5.Use a clean cloth to mop up any water, be very careful as the water can be hot.

6.Turn your central heating system back on.

7.After a couple of hours check your radiator to ensure the radiator is the same temperature all over and no more water has escaped.

See below a cast iron radiator bleed valve or air vent on a Carron cast iron column radiator

Bleeding a traditional cast iron Victorian style radiator using the bleed valve or air vent, can be used on reclaimed radiators or modern reproductions

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