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Ex Royal Mail Post Boxes

At UKAA we fully refurbish in house our ex Royal Mail Original Post Boxes, they are then advertised for sale on our website. 

The boxes are sympathetically refurbished to keep as much of their original character as possible. 

The steps below are of the main stages of refurbishment of an Edward VII Original Royal Mail Post Box, the box is Circa 1901 and we have tried to keep as many original features as possible, such as the original lock, cage and keys.

The image below is of a Royal Mail Post Box ready for restoration.

Original reclaimed Royal Mail Edward the 7th Post box fully refurbished, original Chubb lock and key and cage sympathetically refurbished with character

Step 1, We initially use the grinder with a wire brush tool to remove any loose paint or rust on the outside of the Royal Mail Post Box while keeping as much character and original paint as possible. The inside of the box is then cleaned. 

Pictured below is of the Royal Mail Post Box once all the loose original paint has been removed.

Step 2, The outside of the post box is painted in a coat of red oxide primer and then receives a coat of red undercoat.

Pictured below is of a primed and undercoated Edward VII Royal Mail Post Box.

Reclaimed original Royal Mail Post box used by the Post Office Edward 7th box in its original condition complete with Chubb lock and key painted in red.

 Step 3, We remove the cage from the post box and then the inside is coated in a suitable metal primer and then a top coat is applied, we have used Farrow and Ball Lamp Room Grey in a gloss finish.

The image below is of the inside of the Royal Mail Post Box once we have undercoated and applied a top coat.

Inside of an original reclaimed Royal Mail Edward the seventh post box, painted in red oxide primer and a red undercoat showing cage and original lock.

Step 4, The cage and the collection box are sprayed in silver paint and then refitted on to the post box, the lock is fully refurbished by our local Locksmith. 

Pictured below is of the inside of the original Edward the 7th post box once the cage and lock have been fully refurbished and fitted.

 image description 

Step 5, The outside of the box receives a minimum of four coats of a good quality Post Office Red paint and the lettering is highlighted in gold, we have then fitted the post boxes original collection plate.

The picture below is of the fully refurbished Edward the 7th Post Box ready for sale.

Reclaimed original post box refurbished at UKAA original lock key and collection plate with Chubb lock VII ER Edward 7th box painted in Post Office Red.

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