28. November 2015 14:05

UKAA Bespoke Painting Service

At UKAA we can paint our original Royal Mail post boxes in any bespoke paint colour.

Take a look at our post boxes that have been sent out to our lovely customers over the last week, from racing green to a traditional red.

We have painted all three bespoke to our customers requirements, the grey box in the middle is a colour match to our customers front door!

Or of course you can choose to have your post box painted on the original Post Office Red, for more information on the post boxes we currently have for sale please call the team on 01543 222923.

As you can see we not only hand paint the boxes we also can paint the lettering in contrasting colours, our most popular colour for the lettering is either gold or black.

However we can order the paint in whatever colour combination you like, its up to you!


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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