3. December 2013 18:38

Hand Painted Church Chairs

Today Daniel, Paul and Jamie have hand painted some lovely church chairs from Fairway Church in Banbury, Oxfordshire that you can see in the picture below.

We used mainly Farrow and Ball paints so they exude style yet class and I have to admit they have really turned up great. It shows that with a great quality antique chair together with a bit of hard graft done by hand you can make a truly great product, yet has fantastic provenance.

I believe it really shows what UKAA can offer to the general public - a great antique product, with the style and quality that can fit the best of any home.

We thankfully had a dry day so they have been photographed and advertised on UKAA.com this evening for you to buy your choice of colours and mix and match to your taste....

Just don't ask Jamie how easy it is to remove the paint from his hands!


By Jamie Newton


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