1. August 2014 16:42

Bespoke Carron Cast Iron Radiators: Two Week Build Time

At UKAA we can create bespoke Cast Iron Radiators to suit your requirements, each radiator is hand built from individual Cast Iron Radiator sections.

We are currently working on a build time of two weeks with our bespoke radiators: once your radiator is ready we will call to arrange delivery.

Each radiator style is available in a range of finishes: this includes Primed, painted (Including bespoke colours), Hand Burnished, Antique or Highlight polish. The NEW Antique Copper finish which is exclusive to Carron is also available on all radiator styles.

For more information or to discuss with our team please call the office on 01543 222923


carron cast iron radiators bespoke

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 4. July 2014 15:44

Bespoke Zinc and Copper Kitchen Work Tops

At UKAA we are specialists in Zinc and Copper Work surfaces along with our bespoke tables.

We can create your bespoke work surfaces either from a template or from a diagram using a range of different finishes.

They are available in a range of standard thicknesses or we can make a bespoke depth to your requirements.

Zinc and Copper are hard wearing natural products that are ideal for kitchens; Even Nigella Lawson has zinc work surfaces!

Each work surface is hand made by the team at UKAA in our Cannock Wood Workshop.


 zinc work surface , bespoke, handmade


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 22. June 2014 13:00

Customers Photographs of Their Bespoke Kitchen Unit

We have recived some photographs today from one of our happy customers of their bespoke kitchen island, the unit base has been made by the team at UKAA.

This unit was designed directly with this customers unique and hand made work surface  (A mixture of granite and wood) in mind.


bespoke kitchen reclaimed pine unique

Our joiner created this bespoke unit from a sketch provided by our customer, The base is constructed from reclaimed pine and is painted in Farrow and Ball Railings.

At UKAA we are always looking for new and exciting ideas to make, If you are looking for an item of bespoke furniture for your home or office please email over your ideas and we will take a look.


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 4. May 2014 15:44

Original Royal Mail Post Boxes - In Bespoke Colours!

At UKAA we can paint our original Royal Mail post boxes in any bespoke paint our customers desire.

Take a look at our post boxes that have been sent out to our lovely customers over the last week, from Racing Green to Bubble Gum Pink!


Of course you can choose to have the post boxes in their original Post Office Red colour, take a look at our current post boxes we have for sale:

Click for our online stock of Original Post Boxes


As you can see we not only hand paint the box we also paint the lettering in contrasting colours if you desire, our most popular colours are Gold or Black as was originally used on the boxes.

However we can order paint in in whatever paint you want and additionally can colour match to your hearts content! 


Post Box hand painted in green Pink Royal Mail Post Box Blue Hand Painted Post Box
















Please do not hesitate to call us on 01543 222 923 or email us at info@ukaa.com to discuss your requirements


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 27. April 2014 17:01

Customer's Bespoke Natural Copper Breakfast Table and Matching Bespoke Bench

We have just received photographs from one of our lovely customer's bespoke table and bench made by UKAA.

It looks absolutely fantastic in their house and really matches their interior.


The table they chose was a Natural Copper high table to their exact dimensions with a matching plank top bench, both painted with Farrow and Ball paint.

As you guys probably know by now we produce these bespoke tables by hand here in Cannock Wood by Daniel and Jamie alongside our in-house carpenter.

The solid copper top is hand beaten along the edges using traditional techniques to achieve a smooth yet authentic table.


Check out the happy customer's photographs below: 

UKAA Customers Copper breakfast table with bespoke bench

If you would like to discuss your requirements or chat what we could build for you, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01543 222923 or email us at info@ukaa.com

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 30. March 2014 14:05

Bespoke Kitchen Dressers

Our bespoke kitchen dressers have proven very popular amongst our customers and as such we felt it was worth writing a little review to give our customers a better understanding of the UKAA approach to bespoke dressers.

At UKAA our priority is to make our customers happy and we do everything that we physically can to accomodate their needs.

It is our attention to detail that we feel sets us apart, from the reclaimed materials and strong construction methods to our flexibillity in having everything ordered and made at the point of order.

For example no part of our dresser is pre-built or turned, every part of our kitchen dressers or welsh dressers as they are often called are made at the point you place your order with us.

This includes the cutting of the certified and stamped safety glass and the pots of paint we order in just for you.

At UKAA you can be rest assured that your dresser is a one-off product hand built just for your in the UK with reclaimed pine.


Please feel free to take a look at our Bespoke Kitchen Dressers Review that has just been added to our website:

Click for the UKAA Bespoke Dresser Review


As always if you have any questions or to obtain a quote for your specific made to order kitchen dresser, please feel free to contact us on:

01543 222923 or email us on info@ukaa.com


Bespoke Made to Measure Kitchen Dresser by UKAA


Shown below is a hand waxed Welsh Dresser with integrated reclaimed pine wine rack:

Bespoke Hand Waxed Welsh Dresser by UKAA

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 20. March 2014 17:23

UKAA Bespoke Hand Made Zinc Kitchen Worktop

We have just received some photographs from a carpenter who is using a UKAA zinc worksurface we have made by hand in Cannock Wood, Staffordshire to make a kitchen island for their client.

This particular zinc worktop is 19mm thick with square corners in an antique zinc finish.

I'm sure you will agree it looks great and would make a fantastic addition to their client's kitchen. 



To design your own bespoke zinc kitchen worktop please follow this link: UKAA Bespoke Zinc Worktops and Tables


If you would like any information about any of bespoke products, please do not hesitate to call us on 01543 222 923 or email us on info@ukaa.com


By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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 28. February 2014 11:46

UKAA Cast Iron Radiators painted in any colour you want

Today here at UKAA we are excited to announce you can now order your bespoke Cast Iron Radiator in any paint colour you wish.

Your Colour - Your Choice


UKAA Cast Iron Radiators Colour Choice

If you would like further information on choosing your colour of your cast iron radiator or anything else please do not heistate to contact us:

On 01543 222 923 or Email Us

By Jamie Newton


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 8. January 2014 10:26

UKAA Butchers Blocks and Nigella Lawson's The Taste

If any of you managed to catch the fabulous Nigella Lawson on her new TV show The Taste last night, you will have no doubt noticed that Butchers Blocks featured heavily in the show.

I therefore thought it would make perfect sense to let you join in with the Butchers Block Kitchen revolution with us at UKAA.

As you may know we buy and sell original authentic Butchers Blocks, however what you may not know is we also can make you a bespoke Butchers Block base to your specification to the UKAA standard.

At UKAA we are privilaged to have one of the very best carpenters (known as The Stig on our team section on our website) working for us.

As part of your bespoke Butchers Block you can decide if you want drawers, cupboards, shelves (and if so how many) and painted in the colour of your choice.

If you have an idea that you have not seen anywhere else, then do not heistate to contact us:

On 01543 222 923 or Email Us

We will do our best to make you the dream totally original Butchers Block hand made by us at UKAA.

Please find the link below to our Butchers Blocks for sale on our website:
UKAA's Butchers Blocks 

Channel 4's The Taste with Nigella Lawson:  

Please find below a picture of Viv with a selection of the butchers blocks and bases that we have made and have for sale on our website: 


By Jamie Newton


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