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 16. April 2016 16:14

Installing Cast Iron Bath Feet

At UKAA we have a large section of reclaimed original cast iron baths and also our UKAA bathroom range which has a variety of new traditional Victorian style roll top and slipper cast iron baths. 

Our enamel bath styles include the high slipper, roll top, double slipper and single slipper cast iron baths with feet, the outside of the baths can be painted in a colour of your choice such as Farrow and Ball or Dulux. 

These baths are ideal to use in a traditional period home or as an antique feature in a modern property.

We also have available a selection of free standing bath taps and shower mixers which are ideal to use with any cast iron bath. 

Information Below on Fitting Cast Iron Bath Feet

When purchasing a new cast iron bath from our UKAA bathroom range your bath will be delivered on a pallet, the cast iron bath feet will come boxed separately on the pallet.

Firstly remove the packaging from the bath and take the boxed feet off the pallet, then take your bath into the bathroom. 

The image below is of the cast iron bath on the pallet after the wrapping has been removed.

New cast iron and enamel slipper free standing bath or bathtub with claw foot design, enamel inside on the bath painted in french grey with white legs.

The feet are individually boxed with numbers that correlates to the numbers on the bottom of the bath. We then arranged the feet around the bath next to the correct number (Written on the box).

Pictured below are the boxes and feet arranged around the bath.

cast iron slipper bathtub and clawfoot ready for installation with new enamel and painted exterior. Vintage metal and iron bath tub free standing.

Gently place the bath upside down on the floor using a soft blanket to protect the enamel, we have used a blanket fr this or a duvet would work just as well. 

For each foot you will need a bolt, flat washer, spring washer and a rubber wedge (These are included and will be inside packaging). 

Next attach each foot individually to the bath in the following order:

1. Bolt

2. Rubber wedge

3. Cast Iron bath foot

4. The flat washer

5. The spring washer

6. The nut

7. Hand tighten.

The picture below is of the cast iron bath with two of the claw feet fitted. 

Cast iron freestanding roll top slipper bath tub with white feet in an original antique Victorian design, enamel bath with painted exterior and claw feet.

Move the bath foot evenly around the cast iron bath to achieve the best fit, now you can tighten the nut. 

Once all four feet are attached turn the bath over and move to your location. When in your desired position use the height adjusters on the feet to get your bath level.

Pictured below is of the reproduction cast iron bath in its final location.

Reclaimed new cast iron high slipper enamel free standing bath tub with claw feet and legs ideal for a period bathroom, painted metal exterior

For further information on our new and reclaimed cast iron baths with feet please call the team on 01543 222923 or email us at info@ukaa.com

Click Here To View our UKAA Bathroom Range  

By UK Architectural Antiques Ltd (UKAA)


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