25. July 2012 12:46

Reclaimed Pine Table, Settle and Cupboards made for our customer here at UK Architectural Antiques

Table, Settle and 2 x Cupboards made for customers in reclaimed Pine

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 1. July 2012 09:58

Olympic Torch Comes to Lichfield

Saturday 31st June 2012

The olympic torch came to Lichfield !!

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 29. June 2012 16:43




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 8. June 2012 15:39

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 30. May 2012 16:26

Shepherd's Hut Project !!!

Just what the doctor ordered on a rainy day - another project to do !!

This will join the list of jobs for our staff to turn into a fantastic Shepherd's Hut

Completion date:- when it is done !!

This was reclaimed from a farm in Shropshire.

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 10. May 2012 14:09

The Colour of Antique Copper

Over a period of many years copper will oxidise, the predominant colour is green.

Depending on the location and direction that the item is facing will alter the colour that the item will eventually take.

Many roof top ventilators, one is shown below will go a lovely all over green colour, these would of been fitted to the top of old Victorian buildings and open to the elements

                                                                    4ft tall roof top ventilator

Copper boilers that have been indoors will go a dark copper colour, but once they are put outside and used as garden planters they too take on varying degrees of 'greenness' depending on their position and time of exposure to the elements

Shown below is the ventilator alongside a few of our garden planters

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 27. April 2012 18:48

FREE Tin of wax and a mutton cloth with all waxed topped tables

We now provide a FREE tin of furniture wax and a mutton cloth with every waxed top table sold.



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 25. April 2012 14:53

How do we do it !! - Building Cast Iron Radiators

If you want to paint or spray your own radiators then you need to buy paint that is suitable for metal. It does not need to be a special radiator paint or a heat proof paint.

You will find suitable paint at your local hardware store or the larger outlets like B&Q
Farrow and ball do an eggshell finish paint

If you choose to have your radiator painted by us then this is the basic process that our cast iron radiators go through.

Once your order is picked from the warehouse the sections are sprayed in your choice of colour

The individual sections are then assembled

The radiators are pressure tested to 8bar

Once the radiator has passed it's test then it can be oversprayed
The finished radiator then goes through Quality Control and then on to dispatch where it is carefully wrapped.

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 21. April 2012 14:24

Bespoke Tables Made For You

Here at UKAA in Cannock Wood Staffordshire we can make you a bespoke table to your requirements.

The tables that we make are often used with our range or reclaimed church and chapel chairs.

We have the UK's largest stock of reclaimed church and chapel chairs.


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 20. March 2012 11:12

Bespoke Tapered Leg Tables

We manufacture here at UKAA tapered leg tables to your bespoke sizes.

Made to measure tables are an excellent addition to our large range of reclaimed church and chapel chairs.

We have the UK's largest stock of reclaimed church and chapel chairs.

The size of the tapered leg gives a table a unique look.

The image below shows the measurement of the table leg.

The image below shows the difference between similar sized tables but with different size legs.

Here at UKAA we have the flexibility to give you these options

Your length

Your width

Your height

Knee hole size

Size of legs

Colour of base

Colour of top

Distressed finish

Shabby Chic finish

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