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Thomas Crapper Bathrooms

We are one of the select few retailers of the full Victorian Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd range of period bathroom fittings and bathroom products. Thomas Crapper are the leading supplier of period bathroom and toilet fittings. UKAA can supply you with a full suite or individual items to complete your bathroom. The Thomas Crapper range includes Venerable Victorian toilets, metal or china cisterns, high level cisterns and a large range of Marlborough sinks. These can be viewed online or in our showroom in Staffordshire.
Thomas Crapper Victorian Bathrooms, Toilets and Seats | For Sale at UK Architectural Antiques
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Items per page
We have a range of Thomas Crapper items available these include traditional Victorian Marlborough sinks, round basins, Venerable WC pans, wall hung Venerable toilet pans, Victorian style urinals in the Miami or classical designs, the Harwood and Chatburn bathroom sinks, the Shevington large fireclay console basin, the spitfire bathroom accessories and the Downham fireclay cloakroom basin. The full range is available to purchase at UKAA online, via the telephone or in our showroom in Staffordshire.  

UKAA can deliver any of our Thomas Crapper bathroom range throughout the UK and Worldwide please contact us at the office for further information.

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UKAA spend a lot of time trying to source good quality second hand bathroom fittings. We will always try and source items that are in good condition. They have so much character, style and quality to them. However they are getting increasingly difficult to source and for this reason we sell the next best thing. Thomas Crapper!!

Thomas Crapper is made in the United Kingdom in Stoke at the heart of the potteries and is of the highest quality.

The History of Thomas Crapper is fascinating.

Thomas Crapper was born in Yorkshire in 1836 into a family of modest means.  At 14 years of age he was apprenticed to a master plumber in London, and then in 1861 he set up in his own right in Robert Street Chelsea. Five years later he moved to larger premises: the Malboro’ Works. He established a reputation for singular quality and service, the company expanded and by 1907 it had a flagship sotre on the King’s Road, opposite Royal Avenue.

It is not true that Me Crapper invented the W.C. or that the vulgar word for faeces is a derivative of his name. However, etymologists attest that the word “crapper”, meaning the W.C. is directly from his name. He relentlessly promoted sanitary fittings to a sceptical world and championed the ‘water-waste-preventing cistern syphon’ He invented the bathroom showroom at Malboro’ Works and displayed his W.C.s in plate –glass windows. This caused quite a stir and ladies fainted in the street with shock!

Mr Crapper held several patents, for example the ‘disconnecting Trap’ which became an essential drains fitting and a leap forward in public health.  Another was for a spring loaded seat, which leapt up as the incumbent got to his feet, simultaneously operating rods and pulleys which flushed the cistern. Unfortunately the rubber buffers under the seat became tacky over time: this made the seat momentarily stick to the bowl as the user arose. The tension in the powerful springs would cause the seat to break free, and shooting upwards it would strike the hapless Victorian on the bare buttocks! It was not a financial success, and it became known as the ‘Bottom Slapper’.

Despite this commercial hiccough, by the 1880’s Crapper & Co.’s reputation was such that they were invited to supply sanitary ware to Sandringham for the Prince of Wales. Windsor Castle.  Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey all benefited from Crapper products. To-day , the Crapper manhole covers in the Abbey are popular with visitors for wax-rubbings. The firm remained by Royal Appointment when the prince became King Edward VII and was also warranted by George V, as Prince of Wales and once again as king.

Thomas crapper died in 1910 and was buried near the grave of the famous cricketer, W.G. Grace, in Elmers end Cemetery. Mr Crapper’s partner, Robert Wharam, and their respective descendants ran the company until 1963 when there were no suitable crappers or Wharams left. The business was sold to a former rival and fallow years followed – But It Survived. And it is independent once again. Having held four royal warrants and existed through five reigns over 145 years, Thomas Crapper & Co is again manufacturing the finest bathroom fittings.
A beautiful classic white bathroom will enhance any property and are definitely worth investing in.

Thomas Crapper certainly fit the bill. 

UKAA in conjunction with Thomas Crapper & Co are proud to present what might be termed the 'new' range of 'old' bathroom fittings. If you are looking for a period bathroom suite to install into your Victorian or Edwardian home then what you have been looking for is Thomas Crapper. Thomas Crapper is the period bathroom supplier for luxury suites and accessories.

After many years of intensive development and research, we can offer you a small yet extraordinarily authentic set of Victorian/Edwardian sanitary ware.

There have been no changes of design for economy or ease of production. All sanitary ware that is marked 'Crapper' is made in Great Britain. The china is available in white or 'antique white'.

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Please See Some Examples Below Of Our Thomas Crapper Bathroom Items

Showing below is the:

Low Level Cast Iron Cistern Toilet (White China) with the Oval Old Oak Seat
25" Wide White China Washbasin with Chrome Fittings:

Thomas Crapper low level cast iron cistern and white china wash basin set on brackets available for a next day delivery

25" Wide White China Washbasin with Chrome Fittings:

Thomas Crapper sink and taps are available for a next day delivery

Low Level Cast Iron Cistern Toilet (White China) with the Oval Old Oak Seat: 

image description

25" Wide White China Washbasin on the Chrome Stand:

Thomas Crapper Washbasin set available in brass, chrome or nickel finishes from our shop





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