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Reclaimed Antique Spiral Staircases

UKAA reclaim and salvage antique second hand cast iron spiral staircases from around the country, from some really lovely properties, warehouses and public buildings. 

Spiral staircases come in a variation of heights and diameters and are either clockwise or anticlockwise in direction. They are available with our without balconies.

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Old Antique Victorian Spiral Staircase With all components in our warehouse  

Most of the spiral staircases that we sell would have been made to a customer’s particular specification some spirals will come with a nice large run of cast iron uprights for the landing but some would have been designed to go from the top step directly into the room.

We have a good stock of spiral staircases and one to suit nearly every situation.

Reclaimed Old Salvaged Spiral Stairs Fitted Ready to be fitted in your property 

Cast Iron spiral staircases are made from cast iron and can either be very plain and industrial looking making then ideal for the contemporary homes and industrial properties or converted warehouses.
They also allow you to get to a mezzanine floor either inside or outside.

They can be used outside as a fire escape offering a very important health and safety solution to a property. 

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Picture Of An Antique Spiral Stair case fitted outside with a Balcony 

The majority of our reclaimed spirals are very decorative with a lovely sweeping hand rail and beautiful decorative uprights. The steps are highly patterned and beautiful to look at. They can be painted to suit the décor and colour scheme of the room.

Some are simpler in design and would suit a Georgian style property.

For the best results it is best to install them first and then paint them very last of all. As you may knock or scratch the paint work whilst fitting them in position.

Spiral staircases are meant to be seen from every angle and are often the main focus of the room not only functional but an object of beauty. They can also make an architectural statement in a room.

Antique Victorian Reclaimed Old Spiral Stair case fitted in a loft 

The spiral staircases are easy to transport as they come in separate components made up of the main central pole, uprights, steps, landing (if applicable) and hand rail.

Original Victorian Old Clockwise Spiral Staircase In Loose Pieces ready for fitting 

They are very east to fit together and it is a bit like a Meccano set. The main pole gets fitted into position first.  You then start by sliding a step on at a time adding the main uprights and the hand rail would be fitted last of all.  

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Antique Old Reclaimed Safety Stairways Spiral Staircase Ready to be fitted in a narrow space 

Please see the image below showing the parts of the spiral staircases this has been taken from the Albion Design of London brochure.

Traditional antique spiral staircases made by Albion design of London are reclaimed, salvaged and fully refurbished by UKAA ready for delivery worldwide

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Antique Original Reclaimed salvaged Spiral staircase fitted in a loft

Spiral Staircases available at UKAA