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Garden Antiques

UKAA buy and sell Garden Antiques and Architectural Antiques. UKAA always have in stock a large range of garden antiques, such items will normally include - garden statuary, stone troughs, staddlestones, sundials, garden benches, fountains, garden urns, planters and many more garden ornaments.

We love to buy English garden antiques that have been hidden away in a garden and forgotten about. They all have a lovely patina and will be covered in lichen and moss. You will also find the odd contemporary piece too.


Coalbrookdale are famous for their quality and are the Rolls Royce of cast iron. We have had over the years many examples of the different style benches that they produced. Fern & Blackberry was a very popular pattern. Rarer patterns like the Gothic, Horse Chestnut, Water plant, Nasturtiam are sought after by collectors and are a very good investment.

Original Antique Coalbrookdale Benches are Fully Refurbished here in our workshops in the UK 
They also made tables, water fountains, boot scrapers, garden urns and a variety of cast iron items.

Original antique fully refurbished coalbrookdale water fountains are for available to buy from UKAA 

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UK Architectural also sells teak benches these go a lovely silver colour and look fantastic in gardens against the backdrop of foliage. There are several different styles of benches that would fit with most gardens some with lovely flowing curved designs and some with straight lines. Matching tables and chairs are also available. They are easy to maintain and get better with age.

Original antique Vintage teak bench are available to buy from UKAA

UK Architectural are always on the lookout for good stone benches as these compliment the stone urns and will add a very classical, formal  look to any garden.

Original Reclaimed Vintage Stone Benches are Available to buy for delivery worldwide 
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 UK Architectural has a large range of planters, urns and containers in lots of different styles and materials. Stone, Copper, Cast Iron, Reconstituted stone, terracotta, limestone, saltglase and many more.

Makers such as Coalbrookdale, J Stiff & Sons of Lambeth, Compton, Garnkirk, Doulton, Austin & Seeley, Chilstone, Haddonstone to name just a few.

We buy classical designs as well as modern and contemporary styles.

Urns can be raised on a plinth to give height and give a focal point to a garden. It is simple but so effective.

Reclaimed Original Stone Urns Are For Sale At UKAA and available for delivery worldwide

pair of urns can transform an entrance way giving a grand and opulent look to a garden.

They are easy to plant up and maintain.

You can plant with seasonal bedding plants or for a more formal look you can choose something like a fern or an evergreen plant.

Urns come in so many shapes and sizes and at UKAA we stock something to suit your garden style.

Original J Stiff Garden Urns And Planters are available at ukaa 

Stone Troughs make a wonderful planter and they too come in lots of different shapes and sizes, we can also source galvanised troughs and planters as well as cast iron.

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Statuary Items

Garden statues add interest and character to a garden.

The first known use of garden ornaments became common in the Western Cultures.

Ancient Roman gardens have been excavated and many examples have been dug up from Pompeii.

A statue looks wonderful in little follies and can add great value to a property.

The Victorian and Georgian period had some wonderful statues many gracing stately homes and gardens.

Formal statues of maidens, cherubs, putti and Greek gods were very popular in these times as well as biblical figures and angels.  

Antique Original Marble Statue Of Child Is for sale at UKAA 

These were often made from lead, stone or reconstituted stone and even terracotta.  

They were life size and were often raised on plinths. Many are used as a focal point in a garden.

Antique Reclaimed Set Of 4 Seasons Statues by J P White are available from our shop

Animals were also popular from sporting game to lions and eagles.

Monumental statues were a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Original Antique Vintage Large Stone Lions Are Available from our Yard in England 

hinese themes add great interest to a garden from stone temples and lanterns used with the right type of plants could be transported to another country.

Oriental Original Reclaimed Chinese Statues are in stock 

Busts on a wall or pier can also look striking.

Original Reclaimed Antique Bust are available to buy in staffordshire 

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Water Features and Fountain’s

Water features are very popular in gardens past and present. The sound of water is very soothing and relaxing and most gardens will have a water feature of some kind. Grand driveways have a central water fountain and look magnificent.

Fountains can be both grand and simple in style. They will often depict children with animals such as a cherub holding a turtle or fish. Simple two or three tier bowls where the water will flow from one bowl down to the other look just stunning.

Original Antique Fountain Of Child and Fish in our Shop in Staffordshire 

Fountains are often built inside a circular shaped surround for the water to fall into.

Lead, stone and cast iron were popular materials for fountains to be made from.

A garden can be brought alive by the introduction of a fountain or water feature.

Some of the most important and impressive water fountains can be found around the country at our National Trust properties and large country houses. There is something magical about watching a water fountain in action making them one of the favourite spectacles for a visitor to do whilst visiting gardens and country homes.    

Original Antique Bronze Water Fountain with Cherub and Fish in our Shop

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Bird Baths

Reclaimed bird baths are a wonderful item to have in a garden not only providing sanctuary and water to birds and wildlife they are also a fantastic piece to have in the garden. At UK Architectural Antiques we love sourcing reclaimed, old, vintage bird baths and are always on the lookout for something special. Bird baths are made from several materials carved natural stone; cast using reconstituted stone, terracotta and even cast iron.

Antique Original Reclaimed Garden Bird Baths Are Available from UKAA  

Reclaimed antique bird baths can make wonderful gifts and we have sold many over the years for retirement presents and special birthdays.

Reclaimed bird baths are normally around 2ft tall and can fit into most garden spaces from a small terrace garden to more formal gardens.

Original Cast Iron And Stone Bird Bath by Walter Macfarlane are available to buy 

The most popular are reclaimed stone bird baths which would have been carved out of local stone. You can tell where a piece would have originated from by the colour of the stone. We have had some truly stunning pieces over the years.

Cotswolds stone is yellow in colour, bath stone is a creamy beige colour whereas red stone would have come from the midlands. Garden ornaments and statues would have been carved from local stone by a local stone mason.

Original Reclaimed Antique Stone Bird Baths Are Available to By From UKAA 

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Staddle Stones

Reclaimed antique staddle stones were carved from local stone by local stone masons. They did a very important job back then and were not for ornamental use like they are today.

They were originally used as supporting bases for granaries, hayricks and game larders. The staddle stones lifted the granaries above the ground thereby protecting the stored grain from vermin and water seepage.

Reclaimed Original Antique Staddle Stones are available For delivery worldwide 

They were a clever design as the vermin could not get over the lip of the top of the staddle stone. The top was separate from the base and gave a structure that had a mushroom appearance. 

Today they are used for decorative pieces in the garden and can look stunning as a centre piece. They can often be seen to line a driveway making a real entrance to any property.

A lot of country houses and national trust properties will have them positioned around the garden. They add structure and interest to a garden.

Covered in moss and lichen they are a sight to behold. 

Original Reclaimed Solid tone Staddle Stones are available for immediate shipping 
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