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Fitting Wall Stays To Cast Iron Radiators

Installing Cast Iron Radiators

Once purchasing your cast iron radiators, the next step is installing it. At UKAA, we recommend that radiator wall stays are fitted when installing cast iron radiators.

Also known as radiator wall ties or radiator brackets, installing cast iron radiator wall stays is important.

The radiator wall ties are designed to secure your radiator to the wall, preventing the risk of the radiator being pulled over. Our radiator brackets will also act as a protector to your pipe work.

Your radiator will have a certain amount of sections; if you have 10 sections, you will only need one radiator wall tie tTo safely hold it up against the wall. If your radiator has over 10 sections, you will need at least two radiator wall stays.

When fitting radiators wall stays, ensure they are installed centrally and near the top of the radiator, - this will give the stay ties the maximum strength and, stability, and also makes the wall stay less visible to the eye.

There is a rear mounted wall stay fitted to the radiator below but you cannot see it.
rear mounted wall stays for reproduction or original Victorian radiators in stock and available for express delivery worldwide 

We have two radiator wall stay options available:

a) Rear Mounted -– this option means your radiator bracket is less visible, and is also more affordable. b) Front Mounted - creates a decorative feature to your room, and is available in colours to match your radiator or valves

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Rear Mounted Wall Stays

When installing radiators, the rear mounted wall stays are fitted from the rear of the metal radiator and are not obviously visible from the front – a discreet option for a clean look

usually made of zinc or stainless steel.

The rear mounted radiator wall stay cannot be seen at first glance. 

Hidden rear radiator wall stays made for Carron radiators suitable for original reclaimed school radiators available for delivery worldwide

Once crouching and looking head on at your radiator, you will be able to see the rear mounted radiator wall tie.

How to fit a Carron cast iron radiator wall stay or tie to your reclaimed salvaged original Victorian antique radiator

The radiator wall stay should be fitted near the top of the radiator for maximum strength, as it is designed to grab the back section of the radiator and secure it to the wall.

See the radiator with the wall bracket fitted (this is an LD055 Carron square plate wall stay)

Antique original reclaimed salvaged Victorian radiator wall stays or ties secured from the back and available for immediate dispatch

Front mounted wall stays

The front mounted radiator brackets are visible from the front of the radiator. These are ideal if you would like to make a feature of your wall stay, matching or complimenting the finish to the existing radiator valves or radiator.

We pride ourselves in being able to accurately match all the finishes on the radiator valves to your new cast iron radiator wall ties.

 Radiator wall stays are made by Carron and Sold Worldwide by UKAA
Front mounted superior high quality luxury wall stays suitable for original and reproduction cast iron and steel radiators are in stock ready for delivery  

Hanging Brackets For Wall Mounted Cast Iron Radiators

For radiators without fitted feet, we also supply hanging brackets available that are suitable for wall mounting. Carron will build the radiator using middle sections specifically for your radiator if you require no leg sections.

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See our front and rear mounted wall stays for cast iron radiators:.

A rear mounted Carron LD055 wall stay

carron rear mounted radiator wall stays secure old antique Victorian radiators against the wall securelyl

A rear mounted Carron LD056 wall stay

carron rear mounted radiator wall stays secure old antique Victorian radiators against the wall securelyl

A front mounted luxury polished brass wall stay

Front mounted luxury polished brass wall stays fit old Victorian reclaimed and reproduction radiators and are available to view in our warehouse
A front mounted luxury pewter wall stay

Pewter and burnished finish front mounted wall stays for traditional reclaimed original and reproduction radiators secure the radiators to the wall

Showing the rear mounted hexagon wall stay fitted

here at UKAA we sell rear mounted wall stays for your original radiators 

For any more information on installing radiators or any of our radiator wall stays, do not hesitate to contact us on 01542 222 923.

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