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Antique Stone Troughs

Stone Troughs  were originally carved out of local stone for animals to use as drinking and feeding troughs.

Most stone troughs are at least 200 years old. The patina on troughs of this age is truly wonderful and something that can't be replicated. People have tried using a variety of methods to speed this process up, yoghurt being the most popular but stranger concoctions have been used including cow dung! 

Antique original solid stone troughs are available to view in our yard 
Lichen and moss takes years and years to grow and develop giving them such a beautiful look which is why Antique and old troughs are so popular for use today as a garden ornament and plant container. 

They look like they have been in the garden for many years and they blend in perfectly to the surroundings.

Plants also seem to thrive in stone containers. I think this is because stone is a natural product and all plants and flowers seem to do very well planted in a stone trough.  

Old salvaged original round stone troughs used as a planter with flowers available to view in our warehouse  
The colour of the stone varies depending on the area of the country that the trough would have been carved from which can be used as an indication of the origin of the trough.   

It would be the Estate workers that would have carved out the stone although this would have been very labour intensive farm workers were skilled to do most jobs around the farm which made financial sense.

If you look closely you can see the hand chisel marks on the outside of the troughs which give the troughs a great look. Each trough is unique and not one would be the same it may look similar but not identical.

original old salvaged refurbished hand carved stone troughs are available for delivery worldwide 
The troughs normally have lovely thick bases and sides making them sturdy and solid.  

Most stone troughs would have been carved on site using a single piece of stone this would have been on site somewhere on the farm and carved by hand into a useful and necessary item.

Stone troughs come in all sorts of sizes and shapes a lot being dictated by the shape of the stone it was originally being carved out off.

D troughs, round troughs, oblong and square examples can be found.

original antique reclaimed stone troughs are old traditional garden features and available to buy from UKAA 

A large stone trough would have been the focal point of any farm yard which would have been placed underneath a cast iron water pump. This would be the main watering hole in the farm yard.   

Original antique hand carved large stone trough suitable for plants or feeding animals 
Here at UKAA we have had some wonderful examples of troughs over the years and we try to source out the very best examples.
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Original antique stone trough used for feeding animals on a farm are available for delivery nationwide