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Air Vents And Bleed Nipples

Cast Iron Radiator Air Vents, Bleed Nipples and Bleed Valves

Here at UKAA, we supply a range of traditional style cast iron radiator air vents, also known as bleed nipples or radiator bleed valves, suitable for all of our cast iron radiators. The cast iron radiator bleed nipples are designed to complement your radiator, allowing you to bleed the air from the radiators thus improving the efficiency of your radiator. Browse through our whole selection of cast iron radiator air vents, perfect for bleeding radiators in your home or establishment.

Our range of traditional radiator air vents are a standard size of 1/8" BSP. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes we have available at UKAA. For ease of bleeding cast iron radiators, we offer the radiator air vents with a wheel head – this means you can turn the wheel by hand so you do not have to use a traditional radiator key. The wheel head bleed nipples are available in Antique Brass, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Chrome.

traditional radiator air vents, bleed nipples or bleed valves are suitable for old and new metal radiators these are in stock and available for delivery worldwide

Here at UKAA, we also offer the square radiator bleed nipples that are operated with a radiator key – these bleed nipples are available in polished brass or antique brass. These are the most discreet of our radiator air vents, and one of our best selling products.

Radiator Air Vents 

We also offer a traditional shape radiator bleed nipple that can be operated by using a key. This is a newly made radiator bleed nipple taken from an old design and is available in brass, antique brass and chrome. Our selection of old fashioned radiator air vents are designed in a Victorian style, adding the perfect finishing touch to your radiators at home or your establishment.

Radiator Bleed Nipples

Browse our full range of cast iron radiators today – and don’t forget to purchase your cast iron bleed vents, too! 

 traditional air vents or bleed nipples for old reclaimed or new reproduction Carron radiators are available to buy from our showroom

Carron Victorian 9 column cast iron radiators with radiator air vents, bleed nipples or bleed valves can be purchased from our showroom in Staffordshire

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